How To Get Rid of Sugar Ants

The only insect which is there in everyone’s house is ants. They are those small little creatures which can be found everywhere. In short they are omnipresent. They are small in size and are very hard working and active. They are categorized into various categories but the famous among them are the Sugar Ants. As the name suggests they are ants which feed themselves on sugar only and getting rid of them is not an easy task. Their behavior is bit irritating because the moment you spill anything on the table or floor they gather in groups. They basically leave into colonies where there is one queen ant and other working ants. They basically feed on anything that is sweet. They can feed on anything but mostly you will find them crawling near sweet food.

They are basically harmless creatures but the only problem with them is that they infect the food making it unfit to eat. Their nests are very tiny and they keep on migrating from one place to other. You can find them near your couch, attic, closets and mostly in kitchens.

Below are some measures to control Sugar Ants

1. Keep the kitchen dry

Nothing works better than keeping your house clean as it is rightly said that cleanliness is next to godliness. Always make a point to keep your kitchen sink clean and dry because it would not only invite ants but also other pests like spiders and roaches. Throw all the leftovers in dustbin and see to it that there is no sweet left on the floor. Try to wipe the dish drains even if you feel lazy.

2. Use bleach for your counter tops

Sugar ants love dwelling in dirty areas. So if possible try to bleach your counter top every night before you go to sleep. It would not only sanitize your kitchen but also let away the bad odor of rotten food. If there is no dirty surface there are no chances of Sugar Ants coming in that place.

3. Mop the floor regularly

Every lady generally has the habit of mopping the floor once at least in a day. Ideally it should be mopped twice but if you don’t have time try to mop it at least once in the morning. This exercise is must during summer because ants tend to make a permanent place during that time. Generally it should be mopped once you are done with your food but if it’s not possible try to mop it once in a day.

4. Trash bins should be regularly emptied

If you have the habit of keeping the trash bins at your home without empting it then you are in danger as it will not only invite the sugar ants but also other pests. Always try to use a hard garbage bin instead of a small and weak one. Try to throw away the garbage to the nearby local bin and empty it on a regular basis.

Thus above are some ways to get rid of Sugar Ants.