How To Get Rid of Tapeworms

By Subodh / July 25, 2009

Tapeworms are thin and long parasites resembling similar to noodles. Yes, imagining them can make you sick the next time you have noodles. They can grow up to 50 inches long and survive in both pets as well as human beings. A human being with severe tape worm problem can die because of abdomen failure due to choking of intestines. However, such a drastic consequence is rare.

Tape worms are very common amongst pets and if you would have to rate the top 5 reasons of bringing your pets to animal doctors, tape worms would rank in the top two. Tape worms normally infect cats and dogs and spread infection from there. They breed in the anus of the infected cat or dog and when the animal has potty, eggs of the worm reside in the stools. They can live in the stool for several months without dying.

The most common transmitter for tape worms are flies. They tend to sit on animal stools and get infected to carry this on to other animals or human beings. Pets have a tendency to rub their bodies against hard surfaces or trees to overcome their itching. That is where they tend to come in contact with the infected flies. They can also get infected by accidental consumption of these flies. Even human beings may not realize if they have consumed flies sometimes!

Other important source of infection for both pets and human beings is consumption of raw meat or semi cooked meat. You need to watch out for pork, beef or fish which may not have been cooked properly and hence may transmit the worms to you. It is important to ensure that the meat is properly cooked even when you are eating outside at any food joint.

However, it does not mean that vegetarian human beings cannot be infected by tape worms. Consumption of foods outside in open eateries or in not so hygienic conditions can also lead to such infection. This is because flies are most common in such areas and they infect the food that you consume

The most common symptoms of such infection are abdomen disorders, loose motions, nausea, etc. There are common medicines available in the form of dewormer which tend to make the worms weak and disables them to survive in the pet’s stomach. They lose their ability to stick to the intestine lining and come out with the potty of the animal. Keeping your house free from flies also helps avoid further infection. One simple cure for human beings from this infection is to consume fresh garlic. This tends to kill the worms in your stomach because of the heat that it creates

While there is a doctor available to cure such common diseases anytime, it is best to take the necessary precautions to avoid from getting infected. These are not very painful diseases but cause problem in the long run and hence it is best to be cautious.