How To Get Rid of Weasles

We often come across a famous character in cartoon called as “Weasel”. They are light brown in color and have little fur on their body. Their height varies depending on where they dwell, but normally they are 6 to 14 inches or 15 to 35 centimeters tall. Their belly is white however their upper body is brown in color. They are the most mischievous animal in the animal kingdom, often loved by kids. Some of them are even black in color but they are usually found in high altitude areas.

Don’t go on their height because their preys are very big. They love to hunt animals that are bigger in size as they don’t like to catch prey on daily basis. A three ounce weasel can kill a rabbit weighing three pounds. They like to store food for future use. They love chicken and can kill them in just one instance.

They are small in size but very sharp. Their favorite food is chicken and pig and they can easily hunt them as they are not as sharp and fast as weasel. They can even kill your fish because they are good swimmers. That is the reason that they never starve. You really have to be sharp in dealing with them otherwise they can harm you as well.

Below are some steps through which you can easily get rid of them:

1. Try to track them first

Basically weasels have five toes but the visible footprints are just two. They are mostly in oval form because it helps them to easily enter the tunnel. Thus they can catch their underground prey like cats, frogs and rats. In order to save your pets you need to identify their footprints first. Don’t be in a hurry to catch them as you need lots of patience for the same.

2. After tracking trap them

Weasels are of great trouble to farmers. They tend to attack their chicken thus causing them damage. Thus they really have to take care and be smart enough to catch hold of them. Nowadays they use the simple technique for trapping weasel by using bait and a weasel box.

3. Kind of baits to be used

The weasels are purely carnivores. They love fresh meat with lots of blood on it. They tend to smell the meat and come running towards it. This way you can easily trap them.

4. Best time to catch weasels.

Weasels cannot be caught at any desired time. They are so sharp that you need to have a perfect planning before actually catching them. You will find them roaming around bushes and tall grasses. That’s why they are not easily seen. They are mostly seen roaming around during the winter season by late November or early December. During winter season their coating goes white from brown color and in city like New Hampshire they use their white coating for business purposes.

Thus with the help of above steps you can get rid of weasels.