How To Get Rid of Beer Stains

By Subodh / July 5, 2011

Having a few beers is very helpful at times as long as you do not drink too much of it. It can relax you and even help you fall asleep. However, consuming does have its inconveniences, not to mention its consequences.

The lesser consequences of drinking beer occur when you spill it on your shirt or pants. When this happens, removing it can be quite a challenge to remove, and it can leave behind an awful stench.

Worse yet if you worse one of your mom’s, dad’s, boyfriend’s girlfriend’s, sister’s, or brother’s shirts you are going to be in serious trouble! Either that or if you are visiting someone’s house you may be embarrassed if you spill it on someone’s couch, chair, or other fabric-upholstered furniture.

In any case, you are probably looking for some fast solutions that can easily remedy the problem. Better yet, you are looking for a way to clean out that beer stain so that you can return the borrowed item looking the way it did before the spill.

Here are some tips for removing beer stains:

  • The best time to remove a beer stain is when it is still fresh. All you need is a highly absorbent paper towel or an equally as absorbent dry cloth. Wipe or blot gently, and in fact blotting is preferred over wiping because it will prevent spread of stain.

If you need extra help getting out the stain you can use a laundry detergent and water solution. Just mix a average amount of soap (maybe a half a capful to a capful) to a gallon of water. Swish the soap around until the water is bubbly.

  • Use vinegar on the stain. This is a substance that acts like a natural bleach. You can also use a household chlorine or hydrogen peroxide bleach if you have no vinegar on hand. The goal here is to get the odor and stain out of the fabric especially if it is already dried in more than you thought.

Alternative Solutions and Warnings

Sometimes you can use more than one of the methods as described above to get rid of stains. Just be careful what solutions you mix together as to not cause a dangerous chemical reaction.

Furthermore, if you choose to use any bleaching agent on the fabric or upholstery beware of possible discoloration or damage. You should test whatever chemical you use in an inconspicuous area of the fabric before trying it. This will ensure you do not damage furniture or clothing when cleaning it.

Aside from that, another option for stain removal is to put the affected clothing or upholstery in the machine washer if possible. This especially works (as in any case) if the stain has not yet set in.

Using a stain stick or spray remover also could help. This especially is beneficial if you are going to launder the item in question as it further prevents the beer stain from soaking too far into the material fibers where the stain is present.

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