How To Get Rid of Candle Wax Stains

Candle wax accidentally dripped from a lighted candle can make bright, ugly marks on clothes and carpets. Because wax is impervious to water, you’ll soon discover that your usual soaps and cleaners have no effect on it. What does work on wax is heat. In order to get it off of your jeans or tablecloth, you’ll need to re-melt it while giving it something else to adhere to. To do this, all you’ll need is an iron and some paper. Coarse paper works the best, with brown paper bags being the most effective. If you can’t get them, old newspaper or paper towels will do the trick. This method works for carpets too.

  1. Begin by scraping off as much extra wax as you can. Use a dull sided knife or a spoon that won’t damage the fabric. Brush or vacuum up the extra bits.
  2. Place your paper on top of the stain. In the case of paper towels, make it two or three.
  3. Turn your iron onto the low delicate setting, without steam. You need it to be hot enough to melt the wax through the paper, but not hot enough to burn anything. Press down gently.
  4. As you see the wax beginning to transfer to the paper, keep moving it a fresh spot. It can take a while to get all the wax up. Carpets are particularly difficult, as the wax tends to be stuck down into between the fibers. Try brushing it back and forth in different directions until you’ve been able to tackle it from every angle.
  5. Once you’re no longer getting and wax up, if there’s any residue then hit it with a spot cleaner and scrub softly.

This method can be time consuming but if done properly should effectively remove any wax from your carpets, clothes or other fabrics.