How To Get Rid of Food Coloring Stains

By Subodh / June 23, 2010

Normally, it is easy to deal with food coloring stains if on floors, tables or place mats or some other surfaces. But if the stains are on shoes, shirts, clothes and carpet then believe me you are going to have a hard time. However, there are a few good techniques that you may use for dealing with food coloring stains.

If the surface on which the colored stains have occurred are made of fiber, rayon, carpet etc. then in that case you may make use of a sponge. Use sponge with water and stroke on the area of stain. You may even spray the cleansing agent and then take up cleaning with rug. Using vinegar is also a good option. Sometimes washing the area with warm water and vinegar will also help out.

You may apply rubbing alcohol on the surface of the shoes and then rub it with a rug. This is a good option. It will not even affect the surface negatively. In case, if clothes are stained with food coloring then you can ask you dry cleaning person that whether he will be able to do this. If he says yes, then just at a nominal cost you can get the stains removed.

You may even buy commercial products as available in the market that are meant for removal of food coloring stains. But if you don’t want to spend money then the best option will be to try out certain things which are easily available in your kitchen and bathroom.

Sometimes food coloring stains can lead to coloring Stains on Terrazzo, Slate, Sandstone, Granite, Flagstone etc. And you will thank god that such surfaces are affected as removal of stains is pretty simple. Dealing with stains on such surfaces is easy. If you want a simple remedy then what you have to do is take a bucket full of water and detergent and use it for thoroughly washing the surface. Take a rough cloth or a scrubber or a brush for washing and cleaning the surface.

If you want to remove stains of food coloring from silk then in that case you have to use white vinegar and sponge. The stain should e kept moist for a while and then water flush must be introduced. You must also add rubbing alcohol to the stain and then wait until the food coloring stain completely goes away.

If the surface is of linen and cotton say the shirt or a dress of linen or cotton then in that case you must soak the cloth in a bucket full of warm water, ammonia and washing detergent. Now, after soaking it for 30 minutes, rinse off properly. Now, apply alcohol to the shirt and start tamping. Also use brush on the stains.

If you want to remove food coloring stains on Grout then dip cloth in warm water and start the cleaning process. If you want you may use a commercial cleanser bought from the market or baking soda which is an effective remedy.