How to Get Rid of Graffiti

By Subodh / July 6, 2011

Graffiti is a form of art that involves the spraying on of letter, symbols, and messages. Usually this is a art work that is painted on the side of city buildings especially in what is considered to be ghetto or lower-class neighborhoods.

Usually the marking on walls in this fashion is considered vandalism. The exception being that there are actually areas designated for legal graffiti art.

No matter why the graffiti occurs it sometimes needs to be removed. Therefore, effort needs to be made to get rid of it.

Short Removal Guide

A variety of removal methods are used to help get rid of graffiti. The use of paint thinners is one way to get rid of the problem.

Usually you can find these paint thinners at a local hardware shop or department store. The purpose of the thinner is to soften the paint to make it easier to remove from the walls. You need a generous amount it though and then you need to wash the affected area with water afterward.

Of course, sometimes paint thinners do not work as well as you would like. Therefore, it may be necessary to re-paint the area that has been covered with graffiti.

If you want to re-paint keep in mind that the mixing of the graffiti colors with the pain thinner could make reverting to the original color difficult. Therefore, you may have to get creative in the process and come up with a new color for the outside walls.
Preventative Advice

Of course, if you want to prevent future graffiti attacks you may have to put fences up in the area you do not want vandalized. You could also report the vandalism to the police in order to come to a faster resolution as far as catching the culprits.

The same applies to city property vandalism. You can help your neighborhood and your community if you tell the police of occurrences on city property that should not take place. You could even start a neighborhood watch and report any suspicious activity that you see.

You might also want to advocate the allotment of designated areas where graffiti is allowed. This may take some effort on your part but with the right community support it can be done. It could even lead to the launching of mural art careers for young people who otherwise have no direction in life.


Keep in mind if you are a person who has been guilty of painting graffiti on city property or even private property you could be in serious trouble. In some cases, this is considered at least a misdemeanor but it could also be considered a federal offense if government property is affected.

At the very least you can get a fine. However, in some cities and towns you could be put in jail or be required to do community service time which may include removal efforts.

There are so many artistic outlets out there. You do not need to damage public or private business or residential homes. Besides, if you live in a huge city chances are there are designated spray paint art and graffiti walls you can work on.