How To Get Rid of Mud Stains

Children just love to play in the mud. However, moms (or dads) do not necessarily like cleaning it off.

The good news is, the materials used to remove the stains from your clothes are Borax, water, and baking soda. However, before you apply these ingredients together in a mixture you should first use a butter knife to scrape all the excess mud.

Once you have cleared away the clumps or “globs” of mud you can then follow these steps:

    1. If you have mud stains on your clothes you should remove them as soon as possible. Otherwise, they could set in the fabric and thus become harder to remove, especially when dried.
    2. Use a half of a potato to help you with the mud stain removal process. Just rub the white, raw part of the potato on the stained area. It is the juices of the inside of this very healthy food that helps break down mud and dirt particles.
    3. Let the potato juices sit on the stain for about five minutes. This will further help penetrate it into the affected area.

If you have not done so yet, this would be a good time (if you have not already) to gather the following ingredients in these amounts: 4 cups of water, 1 cup of Borax, and 1 cup of baking soda.

  1. Mix your mud stain removal ingredients in a large bowl or basin. The basin should be large enough for cleaning your clothes. The clothes should sit in this solution for about two hours.
  2. After your clothes have soaked for awhile in the cleaning mixture you created, wash them. This is best done if a majority of the mud is separated from the clothes already.

More Advice

The cleaning steps you see above generally take a very short time to carry out. Including the soaking time it only takes a little over two hours, and only about 15 or 20 minutes to complete the cleaning process.

The following cleaning actions also take a very short time (only 15 minutes or so):

  1. Gather together some stain remover, liquid laundry detergent, and a vacuum cleaner. These will be used at the appropriate times throughout these list of steps.
  2. Let the mud stain (but not the mud itself) dry. This will help avoid smearing as the mud will could spread all over your shirt. This will help avoid smearing as you try to get the mud off of your clothing.
  3. Vacuum or shake off the area stained with mud. This will help make removing clumps of mud from the affected area much easier.
  4. Add detergent to the affected area. This requires soaking, which should be done for at least 15 minutes, but if necessary even longer. The affected area between the fingers should also loosen if you rub the stain between your fingers.

Use a stain remover to help further eliminate the presence of the mud. A spray, gel, or stick is appropriate for this task. Any of these can really help with the mud removal process.