How To Get Rid of Oil Stains on Pavement

By Subodh / June 26, 2010

If you find that oil has spilled somewhere then you will be tensed. This is because; it is really going to be quite difficult to remove the oil stains. And this is very common especially when you stop somewhere for gas and oil refilling. And then you will notice the oil drops on the parking area. This kind of things is tough to avoid.

If you are a car owner then you may be aware of such mess occurring every now and then. There are so many factors that can participate in oil spilling. Motor oil, power steering liquid etc. are some of the causes. Sometimes, it may even happen that oil has accidently spilled or something like that. This may lead to oil stains on the pavement or the parking lot. And the look is truly unpleasant. It may even be dangerous, inflammable and destruction causing.

You must clean this area immediately as it is risk creating. What you must do is take some detergent soap and water. You will be surprised as to how this kind of cleaning will remove the stains. Use the scrub brush and scrub the affected part of the pavement.

Your browser may not support display of this image. Your browser may not support display of this image. Your browser may not support display of this image. If you don’t want to wash the area with soap and water then you have to blot it up with paper napkins. This will remove the oily and greasy thing. Blot up as much oil as you can for making that area dry. One more thing, you must keep these paper napkins away in the dust area but at a distance from any kind of electrical or fire catching devices and areas.

You may even remove these stains with hot water and broom. It is worth noting that when the oil spills you must treat that part on an urgent basis. This will help to avoid combustion or fire taking thing. You may even buy commercial solvents as available in the market. But while dealing with those strong commercial substances and ingredients you must wear gloves so that your hands and fingers are protected. But while oil has spilled and you are cleaning it just keep in mind that you must ventilate that area properly. You must also keep away the flames and fire catching things. Dispose off the papers and paper blotters far away from inflammables.

The best thing to keep away from oil stains is to take certain preventive measures. While your car is being treated with certain kind of things like oil changing process or some such mechanical work see to it that beneath the car there is some protection kept like plastic, cotton cloth or paper. And as soon as the work is over dispose it off somewhere far away from the combustibles.

You must keep your car in perfect condition. But while doing so you must also take measures to if there are certain things as related to oil changing or something like that you must take all the necessary precautionary measures so that there is nod anger caused to you or your car.