How To Get Rid of Pee Stains

By Subodh / July 7, 2011

Dogs, cats and other household pets are lovable creatures. However, sometimes they urinate in places they should not.

These pee (urine) stains emit some of the most pungent odors, not to mention the fact that an unsightly spot appears. Therefore, it is best if you treat these affected areas of clothing, furniture, rug, or curtain fabrics as soon as possible. In fact, correcting this issue as soon as possible would be in your best interest.

Introductory Advice

One mistake people often make when cleaning pee stains is not attacking the problem from the root. The end result is a lingering odor and remaining stain.

Therefore, you are advised to do whatever you can to more thoroughly eliminate the source of the stain. This will help provide you with longer-lasting results. You may even still be able to once again fully enjoy whatever clothing, rug, or furniture piece.

Learning how to clean off pee stains is not difficult once you know exactly what to do. That is the purpose of the advice you are given in the next few sections.
Here are some ideas for saving your precious pee-stained clothing or upholstery:

  • Wash out the pee stain as soon as you notice it. This will increase the chance that it has not yet set into the carpet, furniture, rug, clothing, or other soft surface
  • ¬†One easy way to rescue a urine-stained fabric is to run lukewarm water on the cloth for a couple of minutes. This will help remove both the stain and the putrid odor.
  • If it is a non-porous material you are treating you should just wipe the area with a moist cloth and water. You could also use a enzymatic spray cleaner or vinegar to help kill the odor, but not ammonia or ammonia-based product.
  • Again, you are reminded never to use ammonia-based product on a pee spot or it could cause your pet to want to wet the same area. The reason why is the scent of the pee is similar to the scent of the ammonia as urine has this sub stance naturally in it.


Before you choose a specific cleaning remedy test that solution or product in an inconspicuous area of the fabric. This will avoid possible discoloration or damage.

You should also read the instructions of whatever solution you use to make sure you are using the right substance. This will further prevent damage to you as well as your pet or children. Only mix the amount of concentration that is recommended on any commercial product you use.

Closing Thoughts

If you are tired of your pets emitting urine you could train the animal to go in only a specific spot either inside or outside. This is easier to do when you fully remove the odor of the pee if it is present on carpet.

You could also buy some special spray that leaves off a scent that animals can smell. This will help indicate where they should make deposits, and some of these sprays can even be used outdoors.

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