How To Get Rid of Skid Marks

By Subodh / July 2, 2011

A skid mark is usually the rubbing of one material from one object onto a surface. Usually the skin marks are created from rubber meeting the road or shoe soles scraping across a floor.

Further Explanation

Skid marks occur in several different places. You usually see them after tires have met the road when someone tries to break too hard before slowing or stopping.

There are also other types of marks that have been nicknamed skid marks. One in particular is the kind you find on your underwear.

Another type of mark is the kind that appears on certain kinds of flooring, such as treated hardwood or linoleum. A variety of cleansing and removal methods can be used to remove these unwanted marks.

Here is a guide to removal of skid marks from various surfaces:

Linoleum-Even if you have a household rule where you do not allow shoes on your linoleum floor it can happen. Skid marks, otherwise known as scuff marks when made by shoes, can appear on your floor.

This happens when you or someone in your house wears shoes, especially new shoes with black rubber soles. These deposits are usually left when a person hurries quickly across the floor.

One way to remove skid marks on linoleum flooring is to get out a regular pencil or art gum eraser. Just rub this device across the mark just as you would if you were rubbing pencil marks off a piece of paper.

Otherwise, you could try using a liquid cleaner that is safe for use on whatever floor’s surface you apply it. This should be sprayed or squirted on the affected surface with a rag and then it should be scrubbed off if necessary.

Baking soda could also be used as it is a mild abrasive. You are advised to test it on a small area of the floor first.

Underwear fabric– Repeated flatulence or anal underwear rubbing are two reasons why this kind of skid mark occurs. Not completely washing or wiping the anal-rectal opening after relieving bowels is the main cause.

In this case, prevention is the key especially if you prefer to wear white underwear. You should always make it a point to wash your anal area as well as possible with soap and water. It is also recommended that you use a wet wipe made for wiping after relieving your bowels.

From bathroom fixtures– If you want to get rid of skid marks from toilets, stainless steel sinks, tarnished silverware, or bath tubs use warm water and baking soda. Just make a paste that is thick enough for scrubbing and then rub it back and forth over the skids until the spots disappear.

All you need is one pint of warm water and two tablespoons of baking soda. Put this mixture in a spray bottle, and use it to clean off sinks, toilets, and tubs.

You also can use it for microwaves, tile surfaces, stove tops, and fridges. This common household cleaning mixture can help you clean just about any surfaces.