How To Get Rid of Stubborn Carpet Stains – 5 Tips

By Subodh / April 19, 2013

Accidents do happen, by definition, despite your best efforts to avoid them. You may operate a strict policy of having guests remove their shoes before they come in to your home, you are extremely careful when handling coffee or red wine. You may even banish pets from the carpeted room. For when the worst does happen, here are 5 top tips for removing stains that refuse to shift easily.


There are many home remedies for spilled red wine, which is an unfortunate inevitability when enjoying such a drink. The most effective is a mix of white wine and salt. While the spill is fresh pour white wine over the patch in order to dilute the vibrant colour, and then mop up with cold water and an absorbent cloth. Once you have removed the excess liquid, pour a layer of salt over the area, wait for 10 minutes then vacuum up the whole mess.


Rinse out an old spray bottle well and fill with 1 part vinegar to 2 parts water. Spray onto the affected area then pat dry with a clean cloth or paper towels.

Stubborn Carpet Stains

For older carpet stains, spray with the solution then use a clean tea towel, wet it and wring it out, lay it over the stain. Steam iron for approximately 30 seconds then carefully lift to reveal the stain has disappeared. If it has not simply repeat these steps until it has.

Rubbing alcohol

For grease based stains such as lipstick or food pour a little rubbing alcohol onto a cloth and blot the stain, holding it in place to dissolve the stain then lift, rather than rub.


Mix quarter of a teaspoon of detergent, either hand soap or washing up liquid in a clean spray bottle and apply over the stain. Leave for a few moments then lift up the excess using a cloth.

Steam cleaning

As a final resort you could hire a professional firm, or hire a steam cleaner yourself to give the stain a strong hot blast, that should lift it off the fibres. Steam cleaning the whole carpet every 6 months is a good way to restore its condition. Carpet cleaning machines are relatively inexpensive to hire and they really do the trick!

When cleaning the stain be careful to use a clean non-abrasive cloth and do not rub the carpet, as this will aggravate the fibres of the carpet causing fraying. Also, be sure to work from the outside inwards to avoid increasing the stained area.

Thanks to Tony from Rug Doctor for providing us with this post.