How To Get Rid of Toilet Stains

By Subodh / July 2, 2011

Some toilet stains are very filthy and unsightly, not to mention stinky. The worst kind are the brown dirt spots or the hard water spots, especially if these dirt deposits have formed a ring around the bowl.

The sooner you tackle this problem the easier it will be to take care of. However, even if you have not cleaned your toilet for awhile there is still hope. You can still find a way to make the insides and outsides of this bathroom fixture to look like new-or at least almost like new.

Short Cleaning Guidelines

Three different common toilet cleaning substances found around the home include bleach, vinegar, or Borax. Typically the bleach would be used alone but the vinegar and Borax could be mixed if necessary.

You just need to know the right instructions for doing so. Once you have an idea of how to get rid of toilet stains elimination of all unpleasant dirt, grime, and deposits becomes quite a bit easier.

Here are more specific cleaning instructions based on type of chemical:

1. Bleach


This substance is usually preferred on the toughest of stains. It is especially helpful for removing rings around the bowl of the toilet.

Just a half a cup of power poured into the toilet bowl does wonders. For best results, let the bleach sit in the toilet bowl for a few hours (or a minimum of an hour). Then, scrub away with a toilet brush not forgetting to get the underside of the rim where it meats the bowl.

2. Vinegar

Vinegar Wash

This is a substance that is very effective against eliminating lime scale and other hard water deposits. Just pour a generous amount into the toilet bowl and let it sit overnight if you can but at least for a few hours. You can do the remaining of the cleaning in the morning while flushing thoroughly so your toilet is clean.

3. Borax


This mixture when poured on an affected area really does wonders. Just sprinkle some of this powder on the stain and then scrub it off with a plastic brush. Leave it sit that way for 30 minutes and then flush it down.

4. Oxalic Acid

Instructions for using this product should be available when you purchase it. Be careful with this cleaning solution because it can be dangerous when mishandled. However, as long as you use it right it can do wonders as far as shining up your toilet, especially inside the bowl.

Part of the reason that oxalic acid is used on toilets is because of its history of cleaning difficult substances off appliances and decks. It is the acidic quality that causes it to be very useful for removing stains from toilets.


For best results, you are advised to use the instructions on product or chemical labels. Never mix any substance (especially chlorine bleach) if you are not sure mixing two different chemicals can be done so safely.

You are also advised to test any cleaning solution or method you use. You can prepare a sample mixture or apply a small amount of a chemical to a hidden area. This will ensure no damage is done to any exposed surfaces.