How To Get Rid of Water Marks from Wood

By Subodh / June 29, 2010

You have had a boy’s party at home and then soon after the party is over you realize that how much mess you have made. And because of beer and water the new antique table looks awful. Now, you will feel very bad about this. This was your parent’s favorite table. What are you going to do now? You would definitely want to get rid of these marks.

But before you do anything firstly it is vital to know as to what are the causes of water marks. They may appear on furniture, door and many other places of your house. When something very cold or hot thing is kept on the wooden surface it tends to trap the moisture. It moves into the wood’s protective finishing cover even though it is varnished.

The unpleasant water marks can be of anything right from cups, drinking mugs, glasses etc. which had some liquid. You may not know but pizza boxes, hot bowls with food etc. may also cause this problem.

Get Rid of Water Marks from Wood

Suppose if you went out in rain and forgot to dry up the umbrella and keep it on some wooden furniture then too the stains will remain. Some of the simple ways of getting rod if that water marks and stains are as follows:

You may use cigarette ash. Do not throw it off. If the mark is small then just rubbing the cigarette ash will work wonders. You will be surprised as to how fast the marks go away. Another thing that you may do is take some petroleum jelly or furniture wax and rub it on the marks. You will have to let that be fore some 7-8 hours. And then see the results. You will see that the water mark on the wood has almost fainted or gone. Now, you just have to do wipe with a tissue or clean cotton cloth.

Direct heat application will also give good results. Run the iron on the wooden area which is affected with water marks. Set moderate heat on the iron and then when it’s a bit hot apply it on that area. You may even use a blow dryer with moderate temperature for removing water marks.

Alcohol has positive action on removal of water marks from the wood. Take a clean cloth and then make it damp with some amount of denatured alcohol. Now, just rub it on the stain. You just have to rub gently on the affected area and not on any other part as this kind of alcohol has the capacity to damage the finish and the color of the wooden furniture. So, be careful.

Mayonnaise is also an amazing option. Get 2 table spoons of this and then spread it on the towel. Now, you have to press this towel on the mark and rub the mark. Keep the towel as it is for some 20 minutes. If you want you may even add baking soda to the mayonnaise. You will get amazing results and stains will go away soon.