How To Avoid Crime at Commercial Premises

Business crime has many forms. From burglary to vandalism every business is at risk and this can have costly consequences. However, taking steps to properly secure your premises can vastly decrease the risk.

Here we present the top tips to securing your property:

Gates (Access Controls) – Perhaps the most visual way to protect your premises and advise would-be-criminals “this is a no go area” is through security gates, especially if you have a lot of through traffic to your premises. Monitoring your traffic and access to your premises is vital to prevent crime. Most automatic gates can come with a wide range of access control functions such as intercoms and keypads which can be opened remotely.

Turnstiles – Whilst we are on the subject of access if you have a lot of foot traffic into your building a great way to monitor this through the use of turnstiles. Turnstiles are mostly seen in sporting grounds, amusement parks and airports. Again these can be combined with access controls such as scanned barcodes on tickets or badges. Turnstiles can come in waist or full height options.

Barriers – Manual or automatic arm barriers are a great solution to protecting your premises, especially car parks. Manual barriers are normally manned by a security guard, great for checking documents and only allowing access to visitors that have a right to be on your premises. Automatic gates are a good solution for car parks and can be combined with access controls such as tickets, tokens, keypad’s or buttons.


Upkeep – This may be a strange one but it has been proven that a well maintained property reduces crime, especially vandalism. Keep all windows and doors painted and make sure any maintenance jobs such as cracked or broken windows or litter or packaging around your premises is picked up. Install shutters on the doors and windows of your property.

CCTV (signs) – CCTV is a visual deterrent to criminals. Knowing that every movement is recorded and monitored gives them little room to hide. Whether this is to protect your premises at night or even at day, CCTV systems can be like extra eyes and ears on your property. With modern technological improvements these can be combined with external movement detectors and can save on the cost of a 24 hour security guard. If you install a CCTV system make sure you advertise the fact on a sign either at the perimeter of your building or at the entrance.

Alarms – Many insurance companies will require that you install an alarm at your premises before they cover you. Make sure this meets the minimum standards for your policy. Alarms come in many forms and can be directly linked to the police for a quick response.

Strong Locks On Doors And Windows – A pretty basic tip but still very important. Routinely check the locks on your doors and windows to make sure they have not been tampered with.

Visitors – Keeping track of visitors to your building is vital from a security and health and safety aspect. Make sure every visitor to your premises signs in and signs out.

Lighting – Ensure you have adequate lighting on your premises. Keeping track of your premises, especially if you have larger premises can be difficult if certain areas are kept in the dark, this can be a prime target for criminals to access your premises.

Fencing – Security fencing is vital to your premises and can help protect your property with a wide range of heights and finishes available including palisade and steel mesh that makes it difficult to climb.