How To Become More Effective With Business Broadband

Every business needs to be efficient to be profitable.  Having a good business broadband service can help boost the number of clients you are servicing and efficiency of the services you provide.  This is the case regardless of the type of business you have.  There are many ways that broadband can help, from offering static IP addresses, to fast upload speeds, more uptime to better web presence.  Static IP addresses can be really important so we will first focus on what they are and what they will allow your business to do. Then we will look at some of the other important aspects of business broadband.

IP addresses – what are they?

We do not all possess an endless knowledge of technical and virtual terminology and the definition of the IP address may elude you.  Internet Protocol addresses, more commonly known as IP addresses, are unique numerical sequences, which are assigned to a computer when it connects to the internet.  It is this IP address which separates your computer from the billions of others which are linked to the internet.  IP addresses are used for internet communication.  Just like your address is used for letters the IP address is the destination all communication for your computer is sent to.

A dynamic IP address will change every time the computer logs onto the internet.  Nearly all home broadband packages will provide you with a dynamic IP.  This is done because dynamic IP addresses require less work on the provider’s side.  The provider will not have to register a special IP to every device that has been connected to the network.  This fact reduces the number of unique IP addresses needed and allows the IP addresses that are in existence to be shared.


What is a static IP address?

A static IP address is quite different to dynamic ones.  A static IP address is a unique number, which is assigned to a single device and only that device will use that number.  Even if the device disconnects and reconnects to the internet the IP address will be the same.  Business broadband offers static IP addresses because they offer a host of benefits, which cannot be found with dynamic IP addresses.  Having a static IP address makes your computer much easier to find.  There are certain online services which businesses use that do not allow computers with dynamic IP addresses.  This is mainly for security reasons. If your IP is Static it can be linked to your computer.

3 Benefits of business broadband static IP addresses

Having a dynamic IP address can limit what your business is able to do online.  Many corporate services require their users to have a single IP address to use them.

Remote login and online services

As the static IP address is basically linked to a single computer it will essentially stay in one place.  This is handy if you need to log into the computer from a remote destination.  When you access the computer remotely you have access to the application and data stored on the device.  This is ideal for any company where staff members move around or for when you are seeing clients and need information.  To remotely access your computer you must have a static IP as this is the only way the service will be able to identify the computer you need to access.  There are many online services which host remote logs in software and you will need to register your static IP address with them.

FTP and file sharing

Another benefit of a static IP address deals with the sharing of information.  Sending information to another person can be done in a number of ways.  Most people will think to email the information as an attachment.  Another way is to use a file sharing service on the internet, which use FTP, or file transfer protocols, as their base.  These applications are ideal for sending large files to people, as email services restrict the size of attachments.  There are many online FTP services that can be used, but most of them will require a static IP address.  By having a static IP address you are allowed to run your own FTP server that you can transfer confidential files on without worrying about their size or security.

Email presence and hosting

Having a company website is one of the best ways to increase your client numbers.  In fact most businesses today start their website as soon as they open their doors.  There are a number of ways that a website can be created through online hosting services.  However, when you purchase a business broadband package many of them offer web hosting as an added feature along with a static IP address.  With this web space you will also get a private email, which can be configured to use your company name.  This adds a level of professionalism that actually attracts more customers.

Other features of business broadband

Static IP addresses are not the only feature that business broadband packages can offer.  Network priority access is one of the benefits.  This means that your traffic is given precedence over the traffic of home users.  You are also given priority customer service, as providers know that companies need to have issues resolved quickly.

Data protection is important for any business and your broadband provider needs to be able to help with this.  Many business packages will come with free internet protection software and increased protection for the information shared through FTP servers.

If you have a website to attract customers you will be aware of the amount of uploading this takes.  All the information you want on the website must first be uploaded.  Business packages understand that you will be doing a lot of uploading and offer faster upload speeds than home packages.  The download speeds will also be greater than a home user in many cases.