How To Deal With A Computer Black Screen DIY Style

Is your computer display system showing nothing, even after starting it many times? Then, your computer is having a blank screen. Also referred to as black screen of death, this error has become a major problem to pc users, for it hinders them from using their desktops and laptops accordingly.

There are many causes of this frustrating error.

Start-up errors

Among these causes that has been attributed to the black screen includes start up error, which is as a result Microsoft updates interfering with the booting of the computer.


Lack of power

The other cause that has been linked is insufficient power supply. If the power supply of the computer’s monitor is insufficient or is down as most computer users usually say, then there is a higher chance of a seeing a black screen on your computer.

Loose connections

Similarly, if the computer monitor is not well connected to the mother board, a black screen is almost bound to occur. They other cause that has also been deemed as a major cause of this annoying problem, is the damaged system of a computer. This one can be detected whenever there is a message error on the monitor of the computer. Other causes common causes could be your pc video card.

Regardless of the error you see on your screen, this condition can be sometimes be rectified and computer users resume continue to use their computers as usual.

Trouble shooting tips

1. The first thing that one is supposed to whenever they experience a computer black out, is to inspect carefully in order to ensure that the computer hardware is well connected. This is due to the common understanding that, whenever the computer hardware is no properly connected, then the entire computer system cannot work as expected. Similarly, when the computer hardware is not properly installed or connected, the computer monitor and the display system too cannot work.

2. The second step while fixing a black screen error is to ensure that one has not made some mistakes which many people make. Among these common mistakes made by many computer users is plugging their monitor of their computer into an on board video plug, when they have already installed a standalone video card. In such situations, this error is bound to occur. In this regard, it is recommended that one should check whether they have plugged the monitor into an on board video plug, before starting their computer.

This is not only done to fix this problem but it is done to ensure that one is able to detect other computer failures as soon as they occur, so that they can fix them on time. After ensuring that every computer plug is its correct position, one should try and and booting the computer in safe mode.

3. The third and the final step in fixing a black screen error is restoring by reinstalling the entire system. Having done that, one is supposed to try and reboot their computer, so as to determine whether the problem has been fixed. However, one ought to do all this while their computers are connected to data back ups, so as to ensure that data is not lost. If the black screen of death still persists, one should seek the help of a computer expert.