How To Deal With a Stalker

Stalkers can come from just about anywhere. These can either be curious people or dangerous individuals. In most instances, stalkers have portrayed themselves as a dangerous group thus bringing in the need to take precaution when dealing with stalkers. Keeping the following points in mind when dealing with stalkers will help safeguard your life:

Keep away from the stalkers reach

Stalkers in many cases are people that you know or may have met. It is wise to make it your aim to keep away from these individuals by all means. These individuals may have mastered your routine and may always lie in wait for you. When you notice that they are watching you, you can try changing your routine. Use a different path or adjust the time you participate in certain activities to throw them off your trail. The idea is not to lead them to your house or places you frequent. If they already know this, you can stay away for a few days to see if they will stop stalking you.

Inform family and friends

Keeping your friends and family informed will let them help you in certain areas. Despite the relationship that you may have had before with the stalker, it is improper to hide the situation from them. It is possible for the stalker to back off when they know that there are other people aware of their act or that you have support. Stalkers like to target introverts as these people lead a solitary life making them good targets.

How to Deal With a Stalker

Make changes on your details

Responding to the stalkers mails and calls just encourages this person to keep on. You can change your number, mail address, and social networking profile to throw the stalker off your trail. Hiding details about yourself as well as giving your physical address /contacts to close friends and family only will help to ward off the stalker. Also caution those with your new details not to share out your private information with others who ask for details. Sharing the details may open up an access route for the stalker to reach you again.

Take precautions

Taking precautions is very important when you have a stalker. It is unknown to you when this stalker will want to strike as well as the plan your stalker may have put in place for you. Walking out alone or staying in the house alone is quite risky. Having someone staying with you or a dog that will stay with you as well as walk with you is safer. In addition to this, you should always have your mobile phone at your side as it will work as an effective tool. Also keep letters, mails, or any other sort of messages near that will help you file a complaint against the stalker.

Call the Authorities for help

If your stalker has become persistent, it is time to involve the police. This action is able to save your life. Staying in a secure location that will force the stalker to go through security checks will help to keep you safe. This should be done until the time the stalker has been handled by authorities and pose no threat to you.