How To Survive An Asteroid Impact

After the latest near misses from last month’s dramatic asteroids that blazed across the Russian sky exploding with nuclear level destruction, one must consider the consequences.

It brings to mind the reality of an asteroid large enough to cause worldwide catastrophic destruction.  Can humankind survive if such an event were to unfold in our near future?  With movies like Deep Impact and 2112 showing the President’s bestowing the bad news on the bewildered public, is this a preview of what is to come?  Images portraying massive asteroid impacts and the resulting towering tsunamis flooding into great cities like New York and Paris, does the average citizen have a chance?

Duck and Cover

The baby-boomers will have memories of “Duck and Cover” tunes teaching them and other children that a desk or a table is ample protection from the blast of an atomic bomb.  The thought of this is ludicrous and so are the chances of living through an Extinction Level Event such as a planet-killer comet or asteroid rendering 100 times the damage of any of today’s top of the line intercontinental ballistic missiles. Such as the ones countries such as North Korea currently threaten the Western United States, South Korea and China with!


“Ask any survivalist and surely they would disagree, as they lock and load the assault rifle and seal the bomb shelter door.”

The latest USAF game, USAF Operation:Sentinel,  presents this very scenario and challenges players (Airmen) to rise up to the occasion and Fly, Fight and Win! This game covers many possibilities including trying to stop the asteroid, preparing for impact with rioters and death cults, as well as rising  from the ashes of the aftermath and helping the civilian and local authorities bring order. Perhaps with the organization, training and arsenal, the United States Air Force will be up the task.

Survival Tips

Here is a list of things to consider in the event of such a cataclysm.  Remember, none of these are full-proof and no asteroid impact is the same.  Situations vary and local environment and resource availability is critical.

1. Move as far away from ground zero before impact.

2. Leave major urban areas as soon as possible.

3. Roads will be jammed with panicked fleeing humans trying to avoid impact in urban areas, so motorcycles (at least until the until the EMP blast hits) horses or bikes are the best mode of travel.

4. If able, disconnect all electronics and vehicle batteries to avoid polarity from EMP pulse rendering them useless.

5. Get enough gas masks for your group to get out of town and/or underground.

6. Carry bottled water and iodine drops for when the bottles run dry.

7. Try to pack power bars for food light enough to carry and get you far from those crazy rioters.

8. Take a course in wilderness survival.  (Must do prior to impact.)

9. Learn how to shoot a rifle or bow and arrow enough to hunt your own food (Must do prior to impact.)

10. Travel at least 3 days walking distance from any major city or anyone starving.

11. Best to move towards arctic regions for purified water and cooler temperatures and chances for more natural foods.

12. Avoid others as gangs and highwaymen are eager to rob you of food, water, your virtue or even your life.

13. Support the USAF in creating a defense against an asteroid impact and may not have to worry about items 1-12.

This has been your latest Frost Call for when and if an impending asteroid dooms us all look to your wits and most of all pray.  Good luck and God bless.