How To Get Rid of Stress After a Vacation Car Accident

By Subodh / September 28, 2013

Vacations are a time for breaking out of your monotonous routine and finding ways to relax and unwind. Unfortunately, accidents happen and getting involved in a car accident while traveling out of town can be stressful. Instead of sitting poolside with an iced beverage, you may be facing a host of problems that need to be dealt with immediately.

Report the Incident to the Local Police

The likelihood of an accident is actually higher while you are on vacation because most motorists are facing unfamiliar roads and landmarks. There are local traffic patterns that a tourist might not know about. Even with the best of intentions, there’s always the chance of a mishap. It can just be more unfortunate because you are having to deal with it while you are not at home base.

After the accident happens, you need to assess all parties involved to see if medical assistance is necessary. The police should also be contacted, because a written report on the cause of the crash needs to be made. They can also take pictures at the scene of the accident. You should probably do the same with your camera or smartphone to have on record. This will come in handy when it’s time to give the necessary information to your insurance company in order to receive proper compensation for the damage done to the vehicles involved.

Vacation Car Accident

Call Your Insurance Representative

Your insurance agent will be able to take the stress and worry out of your vehicle accident. After you’ve reported the incident to the local authorities, you can report the accident to your insurance provider. You should fax or email them any pertinent information that can help them to seek reimbursement for the accident expenses.

Get a Rental Car

If your car is no longer in running condition or was towed away as evidence, you’ll need to reserve a rental vehicle, so you can get home. Your insurance agent should be able to help with this too. He can set up the rental and request that the rental company deliver the car to the location where you’re staying. A drop off location that is either convenient to your home or work should also be set up.

Attorney Representation

Whether you were injured in the vehicle accident or your car has sustained serious damage related to the crash, an accident attorney can take an interactive approach to ensuring that you receive compensation for any injuries and damages related to your crash. You can also seek the right legal representation if your accident happened out of state. Charleston SC personal injury lawyer firm Howell and Christmas say you cannot always trust your own insurance company to treat you fairly. Through Skype and other electronic related gadgetry, you’ll be able to narrow down your search for a knowledgeable and experienced legal representative anywhere.

Body Repair Shop

If your vehicle is in need of immediate repairs, you may have to incur additional costs besides the actual vacation. If towing was not covered on your insurance, you might have additional costs for this too. The repair shop will be able to give you an estimate on damages and repairs needed to get the vehicle in working condition. The bills can be sent to the insurance provider, so they can recoup these costs from the proper individuals at the center of the damage. You need to be diligent about staying on top of your insurance agent so that your repairs can be completed in a timely manner and that you are not inconvenienced by not having a car at your disposal for an extended amount of time.

Massage Therapy

Getting into a car accident while on vacation can be a mentally stressful experience. It can also be jarring physically. To relieve the bodily aches and pains that may crop up after the crash, you may find a soothing spa experience beneficial. Schedule one with your hotel concierge. A deep tissue massage can release any tension that you may have been holding in your muscles and ease any pain and discomfort from your body. It can also put you partially back into the vacation mode.

Vacations are supposed to be filled with fun and adventure. When a car accident happens in a place far from home, you may be hit with added expenses and stress. The above tips will take the added pressure off your shoulders and allow you to get things done without any worry. In the long run, the accident might be what makes this particular vacation stand out from others.