How To Work And Play In The USA

Anyone who’s ever wished that they could visit America but was left scratching their head as to just how they were going to do it needs to pay attention to this article because if you’re young, brave and are up for a challenge then those 50 states are yours for the taking.

Working in America has long been the preserve of the summer camp and although this is still a great place to make some cash prior to travelling there are also plenty of other means where you can experience life away from home without having to get into debt.

Below are a selection of vocational options that are open to young people wishing to spend time in America and if you’re young enough, experienced or just have a ‘can do’ attitude then read on and get that USA work and play ball in motion.

work in usa


There are numerous permanent and temporary child care organisations across America who would love to employ the services of an English nanny and if you can get your grades prior to applying then what better way to work your way across the USA? Super Nanny Jo Frost has more than paved the way and if you’ve got what it takes to fill her more than ample shoulder-padded suits then get down to that further education centre now and book yourself on the next Child Care course. Top tip: do your research in advance and find out what American employers need from you.

Camp America

An oldie but definitely a goodie, Camp America gives you the chance to choose any number of role within a campsite setting whereupon you’ll be detailed with the well-fare of all manner of middle-class American child. This is an ideal way to increase your potential for future employers by adding numerous strings to your vocational bow as from sports and outdoor recreation to cleaning and cooking, there’s plenty to do at camp if you’ve got the right attitude an ethic for hard graft. Bonus: after you’ve finished your working stint you’ll get some cash to do some travelling – winning!

Ski Resorts

As with ski resorts back in Europe, checking out the likes of Jackson Hole in Wyoming, Vail in Colorado and Mammoth in California will certainly enable you to work on your snowplough whilst making some cash at the same time. There’s no better way to enjoy your holidays to America than by ensuring you don’t come home carrying a massive debt and even if you’ve got no experience on the piste or in a work place you soon will have come the end of the season. Cleaner, cook or nanny, whatever floats your boat – work hard and reap the rewards of every day spent on the snow-sure slopes of America’s finest.

Fruit Picking

Anyone who’s ever picked up a copy of a John Steinbeck novel will know that California is where it’s at when it comes to growing stuff and if you’ve got the shoulders and the back bone for a summer spent on the farm then this is where you get to make things happen. Of course, there are fruit and veggie picking jobs all over the United States and you won’t have to travel far out of the major cities to find employment. All you need to do is get your working visa, spend a little time on research and then book your ticket because there’s no better way to earn as you travel as well as meeting plenty of interestin’ characters along the way.


If you’ve ever secretly desired a home on the range or the chance to yell ‘yeeha’ whilst chasing a stray calf then book yourself into a genuine cattle ranch in America and all your dreams will start to come true. This is definitely not a job for the feint hearted as you’ll need a strong work ethic and not be afraid of manual labour or early starts however, if you’ve got what it takes then you’ll find there’s plenty of work available and hardly anywhere to spend your cash whilst your living the life of a cowboy. Best thing about ranch life: those nights spent looking at the stars and listening to the distant call of the coyote.

Soccer Camp

As this is a World Cup year and America just so happens to be in the competition then your going to find that there’s plenty of call for soccer coaches to assist the Tim Howards and Clint Dempseys of the future and if you know your spot kicks from your throw ins then soccer coaching is a great way to make some cash in the states. Getting your FA Level 1 coaching badge is a definite advantage and definitely will stand you in better stead than simply knowing how to kick a ball. Get online, get your badges and get over to America because there’s no better example of diving right in than the current USA boss, Jurgen Klinsmann.

Chris can’t wait to head back to the States and although he is far too old for a summer job he will actively be encouraging his kids to view this as an option for when the time comes to think about flying the coop.