How To Avoid Shaving Nicks and Cuts – Simple Tips

There is nothing better than a clean shave where the razor glides effortlessly through your skin. However, considering that you are dealing with a sharp razor, there is always the risk of nicking yourself. What was a routine shave has now become an effort to stop the blood trickling from your chin. Getting cut is an unintended consequence of male grooming and has likely happened at least on one occasion for any man who has ever held a razor. There are, however, some simple precautions you can take to minimize the risk of slicing your skin.

The Razor

Suffering a cut is often due to the quality of your razor. It makes sense then to routinely switch to a new blade whenever your existing one begins to dull. Yes, it sounds somewhat counter intuitive that you are less likely to be cut with a new and sharper blade than a dull one. A dull blade will force you to apply harder strokes, hence, leading to more nicks. It can also lead to razor bumps and skin irritation. Whether you opt for disposable razors or the ones with interchangeable blade cartridges, the most important step is that you recognize the point where your razor becomes dull and needs replacement.

Avoid Shaving Nicks and Cuts

Apply These Steps

Following a few simple steps will greatly reduce your likelihood of getting cut. They are not fail-proof but will enhance the odds of an effortless and cut-free shave.

  • Prepare Your Face – Soak a washcloth in hot water, ring it out and apply it over your face and neck. You can lightly dab the cloth on your skin or just let it sit over your face for one to two minutes. This allows your pores to open.
  • Add Water – Now that your pores are open, add a little warm water to your face and neck. This provides the skin with an outer layer of lubrication.
  • Apply Shaving Cream – There is no right or wrong answer on which shaving cream is best. Some people are completely satisfied with shaving cream they find at their local dollar store and that is absolutely fine.
  • Shaving – Okay, now your face is ready. Apply downward strokes with your razor making sure that each stroke is firm but not harsh. Shave in the direction that the hair grows. Also, each stroke should be short and no more than two inches.
  • Clean the Razor – Rinse the razor after every three to four strokes. The razor loses its effectiveness as hair accumulates under the blade and will begin to “bite” against your skin. Frequently rinse the blade and hit the blade against the sink to loosen discarded hair.

After Shave Tips

When you are done, rinse your skin with cold water to help seal the pores. This keeps the skin fresh and reduces the chance of an infection. Shaving also removes the outer most portion of your skin and exposes the layer under it. Use an after shave product, such as lotion, gel or balm to soothe the area and provide it with an ample supply of nutrients.

Men After Shave

Keep in mind that all the steps outlined can also be applied for other areas of your body other than your face. It is also applicable for treating hairs in the chest, arms and legs. As such, they are also suitable for women to follow.

A Smooth Shave is a Cut-Free Shave

You don’t need the latest razor blade or the newest shaving cream on the market for a smooth shave. Your typical shave set has everything you need to ensure an effortless shave. As long as you follow a few simple steps, there shouldn’t be any need to fiddle with toilet paper to clean up that trickle of blood running down your chin.