How To Get Rid of Acne Marks

A severe case of acne can result in lifelong embarrassment and frustration if you are not extra careful with your skin. Because it mostly affects the skin of your face, it can spoil your good looks and make you unattractive for life. In today’s health and beauty conscious world, being unattractive can result in your losing out on the fun and opportunities that can take you to places.

Besides being itchy, painful and ugly, what is more worrying about acne is that it can leave marks and scars on the skin even after it has been healed. Acne marks and scars are different in that the former is the initial stage and can be quite easily removed while the latter is the advanced stage and are very hard to get rid of. But there is really no reason to be disheartened as you can avoid those by being careful. The first step to get rid of acne marks is to avoid having them at all. Here are a few preventive measures you can take on a daily basis:

  1. Washing your face with an up and down or left to right motion can cause acne marks. To avoid this wash your face with a gentle circular motion.
  2. Do not scrub your skin as the friction can create new marks and turn old marks into scars. Always wash you face with a gentle motion.
  3. Do not wash your face with any soap or face wash containing harsh chemicals as these can aggravate the acne and increase the chances of marks.
  4. Do not pick your skin or pluck the acne as doing so is a surefire way to make a scar on your skin. Many people are too impatient with medicine and other remedies and end up damaging their skin by picking.
  5. Eat the the food that contain the ingredients that are known to to prevent and fight acne. Acne-fighting ingredients include whole grains, fiber, green tea, omega-3 oils, antioxidants, zinc and selenium.
  6. Drink lots of water to hydrate the cells and flush out the anti-toxins. Many teenagers and young adults do not have enough liquid and end of having a face scarred with acne.

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If you already have acne marks on your skin, your goals must be to remove the marks and not to let them turn into scars. This can be done using moisturizers and skin ointments that are safe and proven to work. You must also eat foods that contain vitamins that help skin to re-grow so that the marks will quickly be replaced with new healthy skin. The vitamins that are good for the skin are C, E, A, B-12 and K. Another way to remove the marks is to apply natural products like honey, milk, garlic an lemon. These are known not only to clear the pores but also help repair damaged skin. An acne mark or scar is, after all, damaged skin.

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