How To Get Rid of Armpit Hair

There is one thing that many people hate about armpit hair and this is the way it constantly grows and it never stops growing as long you are healthy and a live. You have to remove this hair from one time to another so that you can have neat and clean armpits that are hair free. The armpit hair grows when one reaches puberty and this is caused by the hormonal change of the body. There has been a lot of theory about the growth of the hair in the armpits that try to explain what causes the growth of hair under your armpits. On of the theories that try to explain the growth of hair in this part of the body is a scientific one that is called the pheromones.

This is where the body produces chemical substance that causes animals and humans to behave in a certain way. The sweat that is produced by the armpit accumulates on the hair and therefore causing one to produce a bad smell from his body. There is also another theory that tries to explain the importance of armpit hair and say that it is to prevent friction that occurs below the armpits. However this theory has been questioned by many since many people shave their armpit hair and they don’t ever experience any problem on their armpits. Although many people hate the hair that grows in their armpits there are only a few of them who know how to get rid of this hair using the right procedure.

What are the ways that are used in getting rid of armpit hair?

There are several ways that you can use to get rid of this armpit hair from your body. It is good to know all of them since you can find one of them to be more appropriate for your situation. The techniques that are used to get rid of armpit hair are for permanent while others are only for a specific period and then the hair grows again.

  • The first method is the one that involves shaving of the hair from the body. This is a very common method that many people like to use since it is easy and also cost effective. It involves the use of a special gel and foam that one sue while shaving the armpits. The problem with this method is that you will have to repeat the procedure every now and then since the hair grows a few days just after shaving is done.

  • Another method is waxing which is mainly done by specialist who understands its application. The wax is heated and then applied on the armpit where it is left to cool. Then a paper is then placed on the armpits and suddenly removed. This will remove the hair and any other substance on the skin.

  • Thirdly is the use of hair removal tools that can be found in many cosmetic shops.