How To Get Rid of Chlorine Green Hair

If you frequently use dyes or you often experiment with using different style methods you may wind up with Chlorine green hair. It could also be the result of swimming too much in chlorinated swimming pools.

However it should be duly noted that copper really what contributes most to hair discoloration when swimming. This makes sense since copper does turn green when exposed to the air for long periods.

Explanation of Problem

Your hair often turns color after swimming for a variety of reasons. This usually happens most often when the calcium-saturation-index of the water is strong enough for it to dissolve metallic copper.

However, it is not just this reaction along but also the presence of sulfates that causes hair to turn green. It is water that is a pH value of 8.3 or higher that is most responsible for this change.

It is this high pH that precipitates right in the water or on the plaster. However, this process also causes chemical deposits that cause the unsightly alterations described within this article.


Poor pool maintenance could be to blame for green deposits in your hair. The chances of this problem occurring usually would increase if natural water is poured into the pool. However, that is not the only cause as it also could be the result of wearing certain kinds of make-up in the water.

Additional reasons for “chlorine green hair” as it is commonly called include these:

  • Liquid release from bronze impeller operated pool heaters
  • Copper piping responsible for circulation of pool water
  • Any water or liquid that has water on it
  • Using a high-pH shampoo after leaving the pool

Possible Solutions

You can get rid of chlorine hair using a variety of tips. Please look below to learn more:

  • Rinse your hair thoroughly before it dries. If you do not rinse your hair right away the shades of green become more prominent after the water has long but evaporated from your hair and scalp.
  • Wash with a lower-pH shampoo. This will help prevent at least some precipitation of the green that occurs when you use the wrong shampoo. You could even find a certain brand of swimmer’s shampoo to use.
  • Use a rubber bathing cap. You may also know these items as shower caps. They can protect you while you swim. They come in different sizes, styles, prices, and designs for your head. You should apply a conditioner on your head before wearing the rubber cap, which should cover your whole head.

Additional Advice

Of course, the other option would be to swim in copper-free water, such as that of many freshwater lakes and streams. Also beware that water makes your hair 20% weaker when it is wet, and thus it can also damage natural or dyed colors.

However, this statistic is based on whether copper is found or not. Learn what you can do to keep it up without damaging it and you can learn how to treat your hair carefully and gently. The end result is lessened chance of the discoloration from appearing again.