How To Maintain Your Stubble

Fashion is a volatile thing and what is considered fashionable today might become outdated a few months later. The concept of clean shaven look being an epitome of a gentleman’s look no longer holds true. It is not the only way to appear well groomed for men. From celebs to ace sportspersons like Hugh Jackman, David Beckham and George Clooney –a lot of people are opting for stubbles these days. Stubble basically denotes facial hair growth that stops short of a beard. Keeping the stubble well trimmed and kempt can make you look charming and suave. Needless to say, maintaining stubble is somewhat tedious than growing it.

Keep in mind that being too lazy does not help when it comes to stubble maintenance. While you may not need to attend to stubble on a daily basis, it will require shaping thrice a week or so. Besides, it will not be as simple as regular shaving.

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How To Grow Stubble And Maintain It Properly

  1. Analyzing Your Face Type And Grooming Needs
    This is the first step. Not every man has the same face type. From oval to square jawed the looks vary greatly and stubble will not look great on every face, as it is. In general, a majority of baby faced men like to grow stubble as this helps them appear a little more matured and manly. Besides, men who lead a hectic life and find shaving everyday cumbersome may grow stubble. Those who have sensitive facial skin that gets irritated by shaving can also prefer growing stubble.
  2. Cease Shaving And Get The Right Growth
    Now that you have decided to grow stubble, be prepared for the time and effort spent in its maintenance. Stop shaving, to begin with and let the facial hair grow. Now, hair growth rate varies from one man to another. You may find not shaving for three days is enough for growing stubble while some other men may need 5 days or so for the same.
  3. Maintaining The Stubble With A Trimmer
    You will need a beard trimmer to begin with. It would be prudent to start with a slightly longer setting, like 4 on the trimmer. Again, you should choose the setting based on the thickness of your beard. Trim incrementally to get the ideal length and desired look. Based on the shape of your face, you may opt for various trimmer setting at parts like jaw and cheeks as well.
  4. Cleaning The Edges
    After setting the desired stubble length, use the trimmer cautiously to cut off stray hairs and edges. You may also use a small scissor at times. Be careful when you cut the upper lip hair or sparse hair on the cheek bones.
  5. Shaping The Neckline
    You may choose to apply the same trimmer setting on your neckline that you have used to shape stubble on the face. However, some men opt for a faded look. For this, you will need to reduce trimmer settings as you go down the neckline by inches. It looks way better than stubble on your face and smoothened neck!
  6. Taking Care of The Stubble
    Some men forget that facial hair needs care and maintenance just like the hair on the scalp! Would you go out to work every day without applying anything on your hair? You are likely to use shampoo, opt for a conditioner once a week and sometimes use hair styling gel. Your stubble also needs hydration and care. The sun, air and pollution take a toll on your skin and stubble.

You can use a moisturizing shampoo to hydrate stubble roots. Wash off with water and pat dry. You will also find gels and creams to soften facial hair nowadays. It is prudent to choose noncomedogenic skincare products to keep stubble healthy looking. These products will not clog skin pores.

Summing it up

Growing and nurturing a stubble is not difficult, but consistent care is what you will need. The stubble will not maintain itself and you will have to keep shaping it periodically. There is ample scope for experimentation when it comes to shaping the stubble and excising the length. You will need to use quality trimmer and facial hair care products to ensure the stubble looks healthy and enticing.