How To Use Rosemary For Treating Hair Loss

There is hardly any man or woman who does not want to have lustrous and healthy hair. However, for a majority of people healthy hair remains a dream. Factors like genetics, pollution, eating issues and chemicals present in air, water and even hair care products take a toll on scalp health. Stress can be a major factor behind deterioration in hair and scalp health as well. Owing to all these factors, several men and women experience myriads of hair problems like hair fall, thinning, premature graying and baldness. Apart from that, you cannot evade natural age related hair loss.

Herbs To Combat Hair Loss

While you can easily use a lot of OTC hair loss products in the forms of shampoos, conditioners, serums and creams, these may not be effective. The efficacy of such hair loss products can vary from one user to another. Besides, some of these products are made with strong compounds that can actually aggravate scalp and hair problems. To evade such issues, you can resort to natural herbs. There are herbs like rosemary that can be used in dried or oil forms to take care of hair fall and related problems.


Various Ways To Use Rosemary For Treating Hair Problems

Rosemary is among the herbs that are used widely to promote hair growth and thwart the loss of hair worldwide. The herb has needle like thin leaves with a deep aroma. It can be grown in your backyard or else you can find it in the regional produce market. This does not cost much either.

Using Rosemary Essential Oil For Hot Oil Treatment

Rosemary Oil

To treat various types of hair problems including hair fall, dandruff or dry scalp, hot oil treatment is recommended. It unclogs pores in the scalp effectively and nourishes hair roots. When you treat your hair and scalp with a blend of olive and rosemary essential oil, the benefits are amazing. You can mix a few drops of rosemary essential oil with 3 spoonfuls of olive oil. Heat the mixture in a bowl and then apply it on the scalp. Wash off hair after 20 minutes or so. This can be done once every week.

Rosemary Vinegar

Rosemary Vinegar

You can take a few leaves of fresh rosemary and mix them with apple cider vinegar after crushing. Store it in a dry and cool place. After shampooing the hair, mix the rosemary vinegar with water and apply as a last rinse on hair. This gently conditions the scalp and also adds shine to hair.

Using with Shampoo


To thwart hair fall, you can try mixing Rosemary essential oil with your regular shampoo. Just adding a few drops of the oil to a bottle of shampoo will be good enough. You can also add the oil to your hair conditioner.

Rosemary Essential Oil Massage

You can massage the scalp with rosemary essential oil after mixing it with a carrier oil such as jojoba oil. It is best if you can massage hair and scalp, leave it overnight and wash off with shampoo in the morning.

Using As Hair Rinse

rosemary hair rinse

If you do not to mix rosemary with OTC products like shampoo and conditioner, it is possible to prepare and use a rosemary hair rinse at home. You need to take 5 tablespoons of dried rosemary leaves and mix it with a bowl of water. Now, boil it on slow heat and allow the mixture to thicken. Strain it afterwards and mix with water. You can rinse hair after shampooing. Using organic rosemary tea bags is a shortcut method to prepare the hair rinse as well. This rinse adds extra shine to the hair and makes it softer.

Using Homemade Rosemary Spray

You can use a homemade rosemary hair spray to revive dull hair. Fill a spray bottle halfway with purified water. Then pour a few drops of rosemary oil in it. You may use some aloe vera gel and jojoba oil in it to make the aroma of rosemary persist a little longer. Then pour a few drops of leave in conditioner in the mixture. Then fill the remaining blank part of the bottle with purified water. Shake the bottle well before using and check if the spray is working properly.