How To Wear a Coloured Eyeliner

Wearing eyeliner can be quite tricky, especially if you are trying out vivid shades to match your outfit. The anxiety is more if it is the first time you are trying out the coloured eyeliner as you can end up looking all smeared and smudged. Picking up the most suitable match for eyeliner can also make you more nervous as it is downright confusing and can put you in a dilemma. A few tips and techniques listed here can help you to make the right selection as well as application of the eyeliner.

One Important Rule for All

Application of the amount of eyeliner is directly proportional to the size of your eyes. Smaller the eyes, thinner should be the application of eyeliner on the lower and upper lid so that the eyes look prominent and bigger. And if you have broader or larger eyes, the lining should be thicker to decrease the effect of big eye size to make them less prominent and perfect so that other features of your face look in perfect balance.

Colored Eyeliner

Applying Base Coat

The eyes are the most important parts of your face and they need to speak and shine to add substance to your face. That is why you need to apply a base coat to the eyes just as you apply compact, concealer or foundation to the face. So, to start with, you need to apply a base coat to your under eyes and also to the eye lids.

Start with Contrast Color

To start with, use the contrast eye shadow color. For example, if you want to use black color eyeliner, your eye shadow should be lighter in color such as light grey, light brown or light blue whichever is the color of your dress on that particular day. Evenly spread the eye shadow using the brush.

Pencil or Liquid Eyeliners

This again is a crucial decision. If this is the first time you are trying your hand with coloured eyeliners then, you should better opt for pencil eyeliners instead of the liquid ones. Pick up the eyeliner color pencil you want and line your lower eyelid. Use 5 to 6 gentle strokes to give that particular strong look. You can also use Kajal on the lower eye line if you want a special oriental look in combination.

Defining the Upper Eyelid

Once again, here you can choose whether to use liquid eyeliner or pencil one. While applying the eyeliner on the upper lid try to keep it as much close to lash line as possible so that you can get the perfect defined stroke with the liner. Now, if you want to have a much-defined look such as the simple lining one or the tailed look you can reduce or increase the length of your stroke.

Shading the Upper Eye Lid Crease

Once you have covered the lower and upper eyelids with the right eyeliner color, it is time to use an eyeliner shade on the upper eyelid crease. Here also you need to keep in mind the right color contrast. This shade must be darker than the eyeliner that is closely used on the upper and the lower eyelash line. For example, if you have used pale eyeliner colour for the lash line then for the crease you must use dark blue color. This makes your eyes look opened up. For extra good result, you can use the same dark shade under the lower eyelashes.

The look of your eyes can be enhanced further by highlighting the brow bones and the portion between your eyes and nose with a lighter color. This brings your eyes alive and lifts up their look. With regular practice, you can perfect the art of applying eyeliner and can easily shift from using pencil eyeliner to liquid one.