How To Protect Your Skin This Summer

With the summers approaching, your body will need more care. This is the time when problems like dehydration, electrolytic imbalance, heatstroke’s etc take place. Another thing about which you need special care in the summers is the skin. Since summers are a time for humidity, perspiration, etc, skin infections are quite common. The problem is more for people who have oily skin as chances of pimple and acne breakouts are high during this time of the year. Also, the heat might cause skin rashes. People who are more exposed to sunrays might develop problems like dry skin, premature aging, pigmentation, dark spots, wrinkles etc.

Mentioned below to find some highly effective tips, which will help in protecting your skin this summer:

1. Hydrating is really important

During summers, there is loss of moisture from the body in the form of perspiration and the volume of fluid loss is quite a bit. When the body lacks enough water, the effect of the same can be seen on the skin distinctly. The skin looks dry and parched and lacks freshness. Drinking water is important so that the body remains hydrated and the skin looks moisturized, plump and fresh.

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2. Apply sunscreen before stepping out in the sun


Never forget this step during the summers. One of the best ways of offering extended protection to the skin is by application of sunscreen. The best thing is to choose a sunscreen, which has moisturizer added to it; it serves two purposes in one. The SPF of sunscreen will vary and you have to choose the one that suits your needs best. Sunscreen should be applied minimum 30 minutes before you step out of the house so that it gets absorbed and forms a protective lining by the time you step out.

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3. Skin exfoliation is mandatory in summer months

Exfoliation of skin is a must in the summer months and it should be done minimum 2-3 times in a week. During summers, sweat and oil get deposited on the face and clog the pores. Moreover, dead skin cells also block the pores leading to formation of acne and pimples. Exfoliating the skin will help in removing these dead skin cells, excess oil and sweat particles from the face. With proper exfoliation, blood circulation to the face also increases.

4. Protect your lips with moisturizing lip balm

Moisturizing lip balm

People think that chapped lips are problems of winters only. But even during summers lips can get dry and become chapped. Sometimes, the extent of dryness is so much that blood comes out. It is important to keep the lips moisturized and hydrated. For that, lip balm is the best option as it can be applied to the lips always and lips remain baby soft.

5. Use a toner for the skin during the summers

Along with using a sunscreen, it is also important to use a toner for the skin, particularly in the summer months. The toner helps in removing oil traces and dirt from the face effectively and makes the face feel fresh and rejuvenated. Along with this, toners can also help in closing and tightening the gaps between skin cells so that impure components and pollutants cannot penetrate the skin. Moisture also binds to the skin so that it remains cool and fresh. Using a natural toner in the form of rose water is the best option in this regard as there are no chances of any side effects taking place from the same.

6. Wearing a sun hat and carrying an umbrella is a must

Wear protective clothing

Wearing sun hats can offer great protection during the summer months. Wide-brimmed stylish hats are worn by many women when they step out from indoors into the sun. The wide brim of the hat offers protection to the eyes, head and forehead area. Men, on the other hand can wear a Panama hat or bucket hat for getting protection from the sun. Along with protecting the top of the head, the hat helps in protecting the neck and face too, as the risk of skin damage is highest in these delicate areas. These hats are quite stylish too.

7. Refrain from reflective surfaces

Risks of sun damage increase from various kinds of reflective surfaces like water, sand, snow, metal surfaces etc. These surfaces have the tendency of reflecting almost 85% of the sun’s rays. You will notice that during a ski trip or on the beach, you will develop skin burns and tans easily as there is maximum exposure to reflective surfaces. Avoiding these surfaces might not always be possible. In such cases, it is important that every part of the body, which is exposed, should be smothered in sunscreen. Also wearing a good headgear is important – it can be a hat or cap.

8. Consume fruits and vegetables that are rich source of antioxidants

Eat More Fruits

You might not know that antioxidants help in providing protection to the skin as it provides protection against free radical damage. The antioxidants enter the body through various kinds of fruits and vegetables. And these antioxidants help in providing optimum protection against the rays of the sun. Along with green leafy vegetables and fruits, another item can help in increasing antioxidants in the body is green tea. Drink 4-5 cups of green tea during the summer months as they not only provide antioxidants, but also keep the body hydrated. Maximum summer protection can be achieved with this natural ingredient.

9. Use good quality face wash during the summers

It is very important to keep your skin clean during the summer months. And skin cleansing should be done minimum twice a day if not more. It is best to wash your face once in the morning and once in the evening. The cleanser should be mild and gentle on the skin and not deplete the skin of the essential moistures. Look for face washes, which contain natural ingredients so that they have no harmful side effects on the skin whatsoever.

10. Minimize the time spent in the sun as much as possible

Even if your profession demands staying out in the sun for long periods of time, try managing to limit the time to just a couple of hours. Come inside a shade for some time and take rest and again go out after some time. And when you get into the shade, do not forget to reapply sunscreen so that you get maximum protection in the sun. Your skin remains protected and safe with this measure.

11. Wear sunglasses while stepping out in the sun during summers

Wear sunglasses

People with light-coloured eyes are highly sensitive to the rays of the sun. Therefore, it is recommended to wear sunglasses when you step out of the house during summers. Sun damage to the eyes can cause pteryguim and cataract. These block the vision and might lead to blindness if not treated in the right manner and at the right time. The glasses that you wear should have 99-100% UVA and UVB protection so that these harmful rays do not impact the eyes in any manner.

With all these simple tips, you can bold out the summer months from taking a toll on your skin. Also get abundant sleep so that the skin repairs itself from within and remains refreshed and rejuvenated.