How To Build A Team: Seven Dwarves Style

Snow White’s iconic Seven Dwarves are known for being hard workers and a great team. They slave away all day in the mines, they commute to work together, they live together in a tiny cottage and after all of that, they still sing a cheery song each day to show how enjoyable it is to be together. So what can we learn from the Seven Dwarves? Well, teamwork and togetherness are their main strengths; it is by doing so much together and relying on each other that they build and maintain such a strong relationship at work and at home, consequently they are able to take on any challenge – even defeating the Evil Queen.

The Dwarves’ positive attitude towards work and work mates can be translated to your workplace with the introduction of engaging activities that encourage and require the team(s) to interact with each other. You can introduce fun and effective team building practices to your office or organise a variety of specific tasks and corporate events for everyone to enjoy and bond over; if you make sure the events and activities are tailored to suit both your business needs and your team’s preference (you could even take into account how competitive and/or placid your team is) the activities will be all the more relevant and enjoyable.


Here are some ideas on how to socially spruce up your office:

Team Lunches

Everyone has to eat; some on the run, some leisurely over conversation with friends and some even lunch at their desks. To stop this isolation, one day a week you can organise a team lunch where everyone gets together for one hour to eat together. It doesn’t need to be anything too fancy, just somewhere you can relax and have good conversation with each other whilst one of the other teams cover the phones etc. In return, you can cover for that team when it’s their team lunch.

In-House Team Vs Team Competitions

People are competitive by nature so in-house competitions and challenges will unite teams against their rivals, friendly rivals of course. You can be as creative as you like with anything from a “word of the day” competition (fit it in a phone conversation, notes, presentations, etc.) to SLA and performance based challenges which encourage high quality as well as quantity (which team has least hold time, which team has the highest Quality Control scores, who gets the most feedback, etc.).

Team Vs Team Sports Events

When the nicer weather rolls around and you need a change from indoor team building activities you can turn to sports. You can have teams as they are in the office or you can mix it up and make sure that people build good relationships with as many of their colleagues as possible. Sports can be traditional like football, hockey, cricket and rounder’s or they can require less exertion like bowling, darts, pool and even an office Wii sports (or similar) package. The point is to have fun and rekindle the team spirit you had in the competitive days of school PE classes.

Office Novelties

Something different to make the day feel a little special is always appreciated, especially when you are at work. It is sometimes hard to get in the festive spirit when you are at work all day, every day so it is important to keep morale high. Decorations and novelty events will help get spirits high; if it’s Christmas, crack out the tinsel and organise a Secret Santa or stocking-decorating competition, do desk-to-desk trick or treating on Halloween and order in Fortune Cookies (with positive fortunes!) for Chinese New Year. Think creatively and respect all of the different cultures, then do your best to get the whole office involved in broadening their cultural horizons and having fun.

There are plenty of ways to make sure office morale and productivity remains high; you could focus all your attention on streamlining processes and constant monitoring but team building and teamwork still remain the most effective way to ensure workplace success. So why not try out the indoor team building activities mentioned above?