How To Deal with Insurance Adjusters

Contentiously, insurance adjusters are there to help you, but in reality they are hired by insurance companies to look after their interest. Insurance adjusters know how to wax their words to make it look like they are doing you a favor by giving you a fantastic deal while actually robbing you of your legitimate claim. Off work, they may be very nice people, but it’s what their job requires them to do. Therefore, you should be on your guard to protect your own interest.

Here are some tips on how to deal with insurance adjusters:

How to Deal with Insurance Adjusters

  • Do not sign without reading the statement: Insurance adjusters are experts in cloaking their statements with eloquent words. They are also trained to find the minutest of faults with your claim and lower your compensation. Therefore, never take anything they say at face value. There may be hidden clauses in the statements. So read every line carefully and sign only after you are fully satisfied.
  • Do not let them manipulate you: Insurance adjusters are very good at manipulating their clients. Instead of the full amount you have been promised, they make you attractive offers that you will find hard to refuse. But this is usually a ploy to avoid paying you the full cost of your damage or treatment. Be aware of this trick and demand to be paid what you have signed up for. Do not let them manipulate you.
  • Do not let them intimidate you: Most people have very little knowledge of insurance terms and practices. An insurance adjuster usually takes advantage of this and intimidates you into agreeing to the company’s offer instead of one that is beneficial to you. When you are made an offer that you don’t like, refuse it politely but firmly.
  • Do not let them dictate the time: Insurance adjusters may ask to meet you early in the morning when you are in a hurry and lay out their terms and conditions. This is a tactic to put pressure on you and they do it because they know that it usually works with unsuspecting victims. So do not let them dictate the time. Instead, ask to meet them when you have plenty of free time.
  • Do not let them reassign your claim: One way insurance adjusters can make life difficult for you is by reassigning your claim among themselves. And quite often they do it without giving you any explanation. When this happens, you will be forced to renegotiate the points that have already been settled. They may tell you that their previous offer is not available anymore.
  • Let them make the offer first: It is the job of insurance adjusters to make you an offer on behalf of the company, so let them make the offer first. If you don’t like it, then let them know in plain words and ask them to make a better offer. Do not agree until you are fully satisfied.