How To Transform Your Workplace Into A Better Place To Work

For a living, doing a job becomes a necessity – except for the entrepreneurs! However, only a small percentage of people can actually be happy in their job, the lure of hefty pay package and career prospects notwithstanding. For a majority of people, the workplace seems like a boring and drab place with chores that make the senses dull and Friday evenings seem like a temporary escape. However, this does not have to be the case everywhere- at least not where the companies ensure the workplace becomes a place where employees can enjoy the time and work. Amazing as it may sound, there are companies where employees love to come to work and remuneration is not the only factor that lures them!

Better Place To Work

If you feel a paycheck is the only thing that makes employees report for work regularly, a few changes need to be deployed at organization level. By adopting the following tried and tested strategies, you can transform the workplace into a place that employees will love.

1. Transforming the setup

It may sound quite rudimentary, but transforming the setup and appearance of the workplace can actually help in making employees happy and keeping them motivated. Google has shown the way by deploying this strategy successfully. It has substituted formal office atmosphere with setup adorned with three primary colors- blue, green and red. This is surely not without purpose. Colors have a direct impact on human psychology. Specific colors evoke positive feelings in human mind. By using such colors in the workplace, the management can ensure employees feel relaxed and less tensed. This in turn can be conducive for employees to remain productive and unleash potential of their mind. Of course, a lot more can be done along with using apt colors at the workplace. Using natural light and air also helps employees feel at ease.

2. Tidiness and discipline

Reducing stiff formality does not necessarily mean a workplace have to be untidy and disorganized. It is important that the workplace remains squeaky clean and things remain organized, however relaxed the setup can be! Unclean premises and lack of organized operations induces disorderliness in employees. When things are not in place that can also hinder productivity and workflow in any company. If keeping things in place and tidy becomes difficult with time as the organization grows, outsourcing can be an option.

3. Breaking tension

In any organization, whether it is a healthcare entity or IT company, breaking the ice between various departments is very important. Despite the best intentions, clashes and miscommunication between various employees can arise. While intervention by management is always an option, it is also prudent to resort to other practical ways to increase bonding between employees. There are many ways to do so. For example, you may arrange for events and activities in the company that require collaboration and cooperation among the workforce. One example would be arranging for a multiplayer gaming session among employees. During such sessions, the employees indulge in the activity without focusing on designation and professional equations.

4. Entertainment and stress busting

Regardless of the niche and size of the company, work related stress can definitely seep in and affect the employees from time to time. Stressed out employees cannot give their best output at work, for sure. To ensure your employees do not get bogged down by stress, arranging for stress busting options and entertainment can be prudent. These can include many things, including taking employees to a movie show or arranging for a costume party, etc. Arranging for a picnic is also a nice idea in this regard.

5. Flexibilities

It is fine to let employees find ways to relax, but at times it may be better if you can introduce flexibility in their work schedule and flow. A lot of companies nowadays offer an option of working from home for their workforce. This helps when an employee is ill or has some urgent work at home requiring attendance. Several organizations have introduced relaxation in dress code for employees.

6. Exceeding expectations

Everyone is human regardless of his or her designation at a company and who does not love getting things that exceed expiation! Some of the largest MNCs offer their employee facilities at a workplace that are hard to find elsewhere. Examples include healthy and organic foods, adjacent facilities for yoga and gyms at no extra cost. This helps the employees stay healthy and fit and they are also able to save time that would otherwise be wasted. Giving employees unexpected gifts on birthdays is something that works well.

7. Suggestions and feedbacks

The management may make many changes at workplaces which it thinks is for the betterment of employees. They may also introduce several policies which they deem as employee friendly, for that matter. However, at times, it is helpful when employees are asked for their ideas and suggestions. It may so happen the management is unaware of apparently trivial issues that the employees think are important! Feedbacks can be taken from employees in many ways, online or offline.

8. Repair of infrastructure

To ensure the employees can utilize their available productivity, you should ensure the infrastructure is in shape. Factors like a sluggish WiFi network or LAN connection that conks off frequently hits productivity. Such things do not make the employees feel good, but the organization either. So, it is necessary you get such infrastructure related loopholes fixed.

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