How To Get Rid of a Trojan Virus

Trojan Virus looks quite familiar to a useful program but it contains code that can wipe out the data from your computer or it can add spyware onto your computer. It can easily be downloaded with any program that you download from internet. The good thing is that like the regular viruses, it does not duplicate itself

Scan Thoroughly with the Antivirus

To begin with, you should check your antivirus software. If it was updated already it, the Trojan virus would not have entered in your PC in the first place. Follow these steps as under:

1. First install new antivirus software or update with the latest version of your old software.

2. Make sure you harden the scan options. When you scan with the antivirus, set the archives option and leave only those items that you have carefully checked.

Once you are done with these two options, perform the system scan and you may detect some new viruses.

Scan the PC in Safe Mode

There may be some viruses that would have been left so another important thing to do is to save your work and restart the computer. Once the PC is restarted, press the F8 key during boot up to choose the safe mode and then perform the thorough scan.

Use Special Antivirus Tools

There are also some special tools available that come along with the various antivirus programs. Some of these tools are Microsoft Malicious Software removal tool, McAfee’s Stinger or Kaspersky’s Virus Removal Tools. These tools are a great way to remove certain infections.

This may get a little complicated and you may require some help and for this reason you may search for specialized solutions on internet.

Some of the Guaranteed Ways to Remove Trojan Virus

If all of these above mentioned ways does not seems to work then you should try these guaranteed ways of removing the Trojan virus.

  • If you are working on your computer, select the task manager and check all the processes currently running on your PC. If you find a suspicious program running, Google it and you will find all the details. If its okay, leave it, if it’s a virus, make sure you prevent it from running again. You can make use of “msconfig” and manage startup items.
  • You can find nomenclature antivirus products that would refer to the type of infection on your computer. Once you will find it, you will also find the right step by step procedure to get rid of it. This option is best to get rid of Trojan virus.

The earlier you will detect the Trojan virus, the earlier are the chances to get rid of it and all of these above mentioned programs will help you in getting rid of it. Make sure you have the backup of your data while cleaning up the PC in case something goes wrong and you don’t lose the data permanently.