How To Get Rid of Facebook Timeline

Facebook made it mandatory for all the users to switch to the new timeline. Though the purpose of timeline is to help you and your friends to view and share the various things through the years on the single page but there are a lot of people who did not liked it and want to revert back to their old profiles. There is a less chance of getting rid of timeline but with these instructions you may be able to disable it.

Important Thing to Know

The first important thing to know is that Facebook does not support Internet Explorer 7 or its older versions. And if you have IE 7 or an older version than timeline would not be a problem for you and you would be able to see your old Facebook profile. However you will keep on getting the notification to update your existing browser to newer version like IE 8 and so.

What to do with other browsers?

If you have other browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc. then you can simply download and install F.B. Purity, which is a free browser extension. F.B. Purity can be downloaded from its site and you can get the desired edition for whichever web browser you are using currently. If your browser is not allowing downloading the program, allow it to run the file.

Now simple save file on your computer and run the installation. You may get the notification to reboot your computer. Once it’s done, look out for the F.B. Purity shortcut on your desktop and open it.

How to Do it on Mozilla Firefox?

If you are using Mozilla Firefox as your current browser, click on the tools tan and navigate to the “User Agent Switcher then to Internet Explorer to Internet Explorer 6 or 7. And you are done. Now you can open Facebook and log into your profile. It would be in the old format and you will no longer see the Facebook timeline. You will also see your friends profile in the old format.

How to Restore to Timeline again?

If anytime you feel like you want to move on with the Facebook timeline option then you can follow these instruction.

  • Click on Tools
  • Navigate to User Agent Switcher
  • Go to Default User Switcher

And there you have the timeline format again once you will log in your Facebook account.

Additional Information

A lot of people have claimed that this method does not seem to work as Facebook have made timeline mandatory. Therefore the best thing to do is to adopt this new change and get used to it. However there are ways through which you can re-customize the timeline’s mess that is the friends’ box, cover photo, column view etc. You can select the Social Fixer extension to do so. There are various options available and you can apply the ones you like.