How To Get Rid of Lag

Everybody who plays games hates lag. Basically lag occurs when you experience a delay or a slow response time. In other words, the movements and strikes will be slow. This is something that people who play games do not like to experience. Most people often wonder what causes lag and if it is possible to get rid of it. Well, keep reading; you will learn what really causes it and how to get rid of lag.

As far as the causes of lag are concerned, one of them is hardware related. What that means is that your PC is unable to cope with the inputs it takes. In other words, the system cannot process the important data as well as draw everything at the same time. It is important to note that you require good quality CPU processors for all games. There is also lag which is network related. This type basically comes about when there is a network connection problem. If you have a slow connection, it means you will experience lag.

Sometimes, even if the connection is not slow, there are certain factors that can have a negative impact on your connection. For instance video streaming and downloads; these can slow down the connection. Other factors include background programs like update checkers.


Ways to reduce or get rid of lag

The first thing you need to do in order to get rid of lag is to turn off all PC downloads as well as sharing apps. There are certain file-sharing programs like BitTorrent which are known to eat up your bandwidth, so shut down such programs. The same is true for big downloads like movies. If you know that you want to play a game on line, stick to e-mails and web browsing.

Another sure way to get rid of lag is to opt for cable internet as opposed to DSL. DSL connection is less stable when compared to cable internet and it is also much slower. Although DSL is fast when it comes to web browsing, it is relatively slow when it comes to online gaming. Although cable internet is much more expensive, it is worth it if you are into online gaming. However, for those who are already cable TV subscribers, cable internet is not that expensive.

Where you placed your wireless Wi-Fi router is also very crucial. The range of a wireless WI-Fi router is very limited. As such, make sure that your console is placed near the router if you want optimum results. If you notice a strong signal, but you still have lag issues, change the location of your game’s system. You can even turn it over either vertically or horizontally. You can also try the hardwired Ethernet connection instead of wireless Wi-fi as it is actually more convenient. In fact, a hard wired connection is the best for online gaming. The reason for this is that it is speedier.

In the event that the DSL or cable jack is placed near the entertainment system, it is best to use an Ethernet cable if you want the best performance. Another way to get rid of lag is to simply opt for internet hardware which is of good quality. If you want a gaming performance of a top level, you cannot opt for an internet router that is cheap. Basically, if you do you will get value for your money. In other words, be prepaid to spend a little extra on a good quality router if you want the best performance. Apart from the price, also consider the manufacturer of the router. There are certain trusted manufacturers like DLink whose products and services you can rely on.

The above mentioned tips are some of the factors you need to take into account if you want to get rid of lag. You might need to incorporate one of them or some of them if you want better results. Essentially, it all comes down to your internet speed. The main reason why people experience lag is because of a slow or bad internet connection. This is where it becomes important to opt for a reputable internet provider. Of course, quality does come at a price, but at the end of the day it is all worth it.

Further, there are certain games where people will be playing at different locations; normally on a bet. In such instances, if you are one of the players, you cannot afford to have a bad internet connection because you will lose out on the bet. So, take the above mentioned tips seriously.

If despite all this, you don’t get the satisfaction, of course the only option would then be to go for a faster internet connection or just quit playing. Oh come on now! The last one was of course tongue in cheek. 😀