How To Get Rid of Slirsredirect

Hackers are always looking for new ways to steal people’s personal information. One malicious action they take is to implant slirsredirect on your computer.

The purpose of slirsredirect is to redirect your browser to an infected site. Then, all this malware on your site is downloaded and your computer is infected. The end result usually is you are more vulnerable because now stored passwords, e-mails, phone numbers, addresses, and more are stolen.

This is one reason why you should always delete your web surfing history. This is also a reason it is not recommended that you store passwords to sites on your computers. Likewise, this is a reason you should not ask Windows (or other operating system) to remember any passwords.

If you have not taken enough preventative measures-and even if you have tried to protect yourself-you may need to know how to remove slirsdirect. Some steps are shown below to help you with this process.


1. Begin the steps to run a virus removal program. Right now we are specifically referring to the steps to run the Malicious Software Removal Tool that comes with Windows 7. Just press “R” and “Windows” at the same time. The “Run” box should appear.

2. Type “MRT” into the Run box. Of course, “MRT” is short for Malicious Software Removal Tool. After you have typed these initials into the appropriate place, just wait for the MRT tool to open. Then, you would choose which scan option you want, and a recommendation is made in the next step.

3. Start the scan. Usually the “full scan” option is recommended, and will appear after you have pressed “Next” to proceed to the can options page. Once you have clicked “full scan” the software should begin searching your computer for all kinds of mal ware, including “slirsdirect. “

4. Wait until scan is finished. Do not be surprised if this process takes an hour or two. This is not a fast mal ware removal tool. However, it often is preferred just because it is very thorough, searching through every file on your computer. (Of course the quick scans would not require as much time but then you risk not removing all harmful objects.)

5. Be more careful in the future. You should especially be cautious when attempting to visit websites of publishers you do not know. Oftentimes these as well as e-mail links and attachments are loaded with viruses. Furthermore, never give away your username and password and clear your web browsing history as often as possible. Do the same with your temporary internet files where too much information is also stored.

6. Install reliable virus protection software. The best ones will automatically detect and/or remove all kinds of malicious programs. You should, however, make sure you know that it can remove slirsdirect which is one of the most dangerous and exploitative of mal ware that is sold today.

7. Schedule automatic scans. This will help you keep your computer protected at all times. You can set the scans to be conducted in the middle of the night if you want. That way, it will not slow your computer down while you try to work.