How To Get Rid of TV Distortion

TV Distortion

Any moment, you can suddenly see your computer screen get severely distorted images. This is nothing but a problem called TV distortion. This can occur any time, sometimes when you are shutting or starting the computer, or playing a game. And it is an irritation which hits a lot of people really hard.


There might be many causes for the TV distortion to happen. Some common causes include:

  • Any kind of physical damage, or dropping monitor.
  • Keeping an idle screen on the monitor for quite a long period of time
  • TV lens problems.
  • Problem with the TV posistor.
  • Old computer monitor which might need to be changed. .

Most monitors that are frequently used do not last very long, so remember, the last cause is quite relative and can happen to new computer monitors too.



Actually, you can easily clear up the problem with a few really easy steps, if the problem is minimal. So if you want to fix this problem then all you need to do is the following steps, to clear the problem.

1. Toggle or Turn the Focus Setting

Turn the focus setting or focus button, and you can slowly adjust the clarity of the screen till your distortion is eradicated. Toggle the switch and get the real picture quality. This can easily happen, because the screen settings can be handled by someone who is not really aware of the things he/she might be doing.

2. Hold the Brightness and Contrast Buttons Simultaneously

Degauss the monitor by pressing the brightness and contrast switches at the same moment. You would see that the screen will show different colors and different levels of brightness, so that you can see the distortion is removed. This works in a lot of cases.

3. Degaussing Program

Have you thought of getting a degaussing program or a lens aberration remover which can help you deal with your TV distortion with no problem whatsoever? When you run them, they diagnose and remove the problem occurring with the screen. There are quite a few free programs available in the net which you can avail.

4. Soldering Gun Degaussing

Do you know that the heat that comes out of a soldering gun can actually fix the marks on your screen? Well try pointing a soldering gun (NOT IRON) at the screen and move slowly from the center to one of the edges of the screen. Repeat this action till the distortion clears up.

5. Tape Eraser Degaussing

Because a tape eraser is a good electromagnet, you can use it from a foot away from your screen and rotate the magnate in a circular motion. Once the distortion is seen, move away from the screen and you would see the distortion follow and fade with it.

6. Posistor Replacement

Re-fit and adjust the slot in which your posistors lie. You can even replace them, and remember they need utmost care. Please do
not try this if you have not done it before, and are aware of heat sensitive elements in the monitor.

7. Purchase a New Monitor

Well, if nothing helps you can always get yourself a new monitor for your screen, and you can see the difference in your computer system’s performance. That is surely a great way of dealing with your system. A flat screen monitor might be your solution in this case.

Repairs and Replacement are Your Last Options

If you are absolutely sure you don’t want to change or anything, then you should consider repairing your system. That would be an easy way to clear your computer screen problems.