How To Save Money At Home In 2014 – 15 Creative Ways

When it comes to saving money, homeowners are starting to be creative just to cut down on expenses. In the past, larger expenses and larger items were a concern and these were cut back. Today, homeowners are also focusing on smaller, but necessary expenses and items. In today’s economy such measures are crucial. Here are 15 creative ways on how you can cut down on expenses and save up at home this 2014.

1. Eliminate Drafts

Did you know that you could use incense sticks to detect tiny gaps and cracks around your doors and windows? When these tiny gaps and cracks are present around your doors and windows, you cool air during the summer and heat during the winter. All you need to do is light the incense sticks and watch where the smoke passes through, then seal with weather stripping or caulk.

2. Air-Conditioning Savings

By simply planting a shade tree or putting an awning over the window unit or AC condenser, you can save as much as 10% on air-conditioning costs. Just avoid having them surrounded too closely as this can increase electric costs and block airflow.

Save Money

3. Use Scrap Wood!

Need firewood, but unable to cut them yourself? Buying them would be impractical due to their cost. So consider using scrap wood instead that you can buy cheap at the local sawmill.

4. Use Larger Bills

When your money is in smaller bills or change, it is only common to spend them easily for things you do not really need. As such, convert them into larger bills which will make you think twice before spending them.

5. Discounted Trash Pickup

Did you know that there are localities that actually do offer discounted trash pickup for older residents? Get your parents to call the company or your city’s waste management to avail any discounts. Better yet, recycle what you can for home use and for compost. Plastic soda bottles can always be re-used as a pencil holder or plant container.

6. Less Energy To Reheat

If you have to reheat smaller portions, opt to use the microwave and not the stove. You will be using 80% less energy and spend three times less. If food does not need too much heating, use the microwave to warm it up.

7. Compare Saving Rates

Before you make a deposit, make sure that you compare saving accounts. Utilize online calculators and reviews to locate accounts that have the best interest rates.

8. Less Toilet Water Usage

You can cut down on water usage every time you flush your toilet by simply placing a liter bottle filled with water or sand in the tank.

9. Fix The Toilet Leak

To determine if your toilet is leaking water without any signs of it, pour a packet of grape juice in the tank. If the bowl turns purple even without flushing then there is a leak. This type of leak adds up to your water bill, so seal it or replace the flap.

10. Unplug Electronics

Once your gadgets are fully charges, unplug them to avoid wasting energy. You may want to consider using solar chargers to charge batteries too.

11. Detect Foundation Leaks and Cracks

By repairing the leaks and cracks in your home’s foundation, you prevent costly damages and repairs.

12. The Right HO Insurance

Always make sure that you have appropriate coverage for your home in the event disaster strikes, but also ensure that you have replacement coverage for your home and contents.”You can shop around for rates and discounts that can be combined with your other insurance policies as well (such as auto and life insurance) and save even more.”

13. Using CFL’s

If you use lighting for at least 15 minutes per use, opt for CFLs or Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs.

14. LED Bulbs For Less Energy Use

Consider using LED bulbs over CFLs as they consume less energy. Though they may cost more in the beginning, they actually have a longer life span and are free from mercury content. It is still best to keep lights switched off whenever they are not needed, such as watching television in bed at night can be done without the lights on.

15 Reduce TV Brightness

You can save a lot on energy when you reduce the brightness of your HDTV. These TV’s are set at optimum picture clarity for showroom purposes, so when at home, go to the set up menu and have it retuned.