How To Make Awesome Kids Lunches Easily

As parents, you may have to cope with numerous hurdles in bringing up kids in the proper way. Making suitable food for them and ensuring they eat it is also a challenge! Nowadays, a majority of kids are extremely picky about foods and lure of fast food and sleek TV ads do not make things easier, as it is. However, you need not embark in a daily battle to make sure the kids eat home cooked lunch either. With a selection of suitable foods and introducing some creativity in lunch preparation, you will find this uphill task has become simpler!

Below listed are a few effective ideas to make great lunches for your kids:

Make Awesome Kids Lunches Easily

  • Change The Bread, Choose Whole Grain – Even adults may get bored eating the same type of foods everyday and you cannot really blame the kids for the same. Using sandwiches for school lunches is commonplace, but you can choose something other than white bread for variety’s sake! Using whole grain or brown bread is a prudent option. On some days, you can also give the kids wheat tortillas.
  • Make It Interesting – Occasionally, you can offer the kids foods for lunch that look and taste distinctive. There is no miracle involved, though. You just need to pack the lunch box somewhat creatively. For example, it would be a good idea to offer them theme based lunches once in a while. This can be like Halloween theme or Easter theme based lunch. Use various foods with different hues and flavours to augment the theme. Carrots can be used as swords and chicken legs can be used for trophies etc.
  • Make It Colourful   – Kids get attracted to foods that not only taste good, but appeal to them visually and psychologically. This is where the fast food sellers score well. You can also resort to the same concept and offer kids’ lunches made with colourful and nice flavoured dishes. Use seasonal vegetables like carrots, broccoli or bell pepper to make sandwiches colourful and yummy at the same time. Use fruits that your kids love for making sandwiches as well. Try fruits like kiwi, strawberry and pineapple in turn to give them a new flavour each day in the lunch box.

Offer Soups And Foods Hot

Some foods taste best when they are served hot. This is simple when you are offering them at home, but for school lunch, using insulated lunchboxes is the only option. Your kids are likely to eat pasta, noodles and soup if it is warm at least.

Offer Dipping Foods

Kids generally love dipping foods rather than dry foods when they are hungry. So, try to make noodles that are a little soupy in texture and same can be said for pasta, if you are making it for lunch. Most food items tend to become a little thickened after staying in a lunch box until eaten, and a dip will make it a lot more palatable for your kids.

Make Healthy Yet Tasty Sandwiches

It is natural that you do not want your kids to gorge on fat laden and calorie rich fast food, including burgers and sandwiches sold at popular food chains. Ensure you make sandwiches for lunch that taste delicious, but do not make them loaded with excess calories. Choose lean meat cuts and avoid using red meat. You may also use some mashed fruits like banana as filling in sandwiches instead of jam and jellies for a natural and different flavour.

Make Salads Yummier

You can pack in salads with kid’s lunches, but ensure the salads do not taste drab! Use a sprinkling of olive oil, herbs like ginger, and condiments like black pepper to spice up the taste. Choose different cheeses and herbs for variation.