How Lifestyle And Habits Affect Biological Aging

Don’t we all agree that we are living a very small life that is extremely short term? Our body is after all a biological machine that can function as long as it is healthy and with time if all our organs start aging and become weaker and weaker with every passing day. We all know that as time is ticking, we are all getting older!

Not your head if you have come across an instance in life where you have seen a woman or a man who look way younger than their biological age. These days men who are 50 years old look as though they are just 30 years old, women who are 45-year-old look as though they are just 25 years old, isn’t it? These are the moments where we contemplate the lifestyle that we are living, the habits that we are so accustomed to, and wonder if all is actually well or not inside our body as we are aging.

most of us harm our body in a manner that it cannot be repaired, and we sometimes do it intentionally and sometimes do it unintentionally! Some of us harm our body through smoking, drinking alcohol while some of us have a body through sheer lack of sleep and all of these contribute to speeding up our biological aging process. The truth will always remain that — no one knows how much longer are they going to live their life. However, experts do have certain ways in which they predict a particular persons lifespan at least on an average basis. They do this using actuarial tables. These are the tables that help us note down the probability of death and also let us know the average number of years which are remaining.

But many fail to realise that it is not about the number of years that I left for us to live but the process of ageing that we are a part of — the way we age is what matters the most. It is very true that as we age our body will definitely slow down maybe even sooner than we could have thought of and this would definitely impact the quality of years that you will be a life ahead. Let us understand how our lifestyle impacts how well we age. Read on.

Age Well? What Does This Mean?

There are several types of research that are continuously explored as to what it actually means to each well over time. One particular study examined 1037 young adults, they were monitored over many years. These experts from the study analyzed that there were 18 different types of biomarkers that one could look it in order to read the type of teaching between each participant.

Measures like body mass index, lung function, arterial blood pressure, cholesterol levels, weight. After analyzing these results, the researchers found it somewhat possible to determine the pace of an aging person at a relatively young age. When we say young age the person needs to be in their 20s or 30s.

Is There A Way To Slow Down Aging?

Now that we know that there is a possible way of understanding the pace of aging, now the question comes down to can we slow it down if you know the pace of aging. Again, here experts are actually trying to figure out ways in order to slow down the natural aging process, but can it be done? The answer to this question is definitely a guess – we definitely can change the pace of aging once it is known. Aging is considered to be a very progressive deterioration. A gradual one that happens over different multiple organ systems inside our body. Anti-aging interventions are required in order to reduce the burden of the disease and protect the strength of the organ systems inside our bodies.

What Lifestyle Modifications Matter To Age Well?

Now that we have determined a way to figure out the pace of teaching, we also understand that there is a possibility to change the pace of aging. Now the question lies, what can be done to change the pace of aging?

The answer to this case is that different lifestyle factors need to be modified. I need to be taken into our control in order to decrease aging. Let’s read about them below:

  • Nutrition: It is very important to take into consideration what is going inside your body and if it is serving the purpose of providing nutrition to our body or not. And when the body has begun to age, lot of data that is preliminary in nature suggest that a plant-based diet combined with regular fasting makes a huge difference in inflammatory biomarkers and also the pace of aging.
  • Genetics: they play a very vital role in ageing, several scientists point out that family genetics have the potential of slowing down biological aging.
  • Psycho social stressors: A lot of additional factors pop-up that matter and make a difference such as early life adversity, poverty. All these can clearly impact the process of ageing. If you are managing stress in a healthy manner right from a young age, then your biological aging will definitely be slower.

Understand that now is a really great time for you to make positive changes in your life that can make a huge positive difference in the way you age in future. Your goal needs to focus on those kinds of habits that will help you lower your age expectancy. in fact we recommend that why don’t you start by addressing the below issues right away:

  • For example, if you haven’t already, then quit smoking.
  • Add more vegetables, lean meats, fruits, water to your everyday diet.
  • You need to practise good sleep hygiene – turn off your digital devices at least an hour before you sleep.
  • Get more exercises, start a fitness program maybe.
  • Learn techniques that will help reduce stress and will also help in managing stress, for example deep treating or stress management such as meditation.