How Pregnant Women Deal With The Pains And Discomfort of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in any woman’s life, but it comes with its fair share of downsides as well. For many women, the sheer pain and uncomfortable aches that come along with pregnancy are enough to make them wish their delivery date was just around the corner. These are tried and true ways that you can deal with the aches and pains of pregnancy.

1) Work Light Exercise into Your Daily Routine

By all means, you should avoid heavy exercise and stick to light exercise. Consider going for a stroll several times a week; you should also try to make a habit out of it. Light exercise will keep your body energized, and it will help you strengthen muscles and work out the sore areas of your body from the weight gain.


2) Wear Compression Maternity Leggings Often

If you’re a fan of wearing leggings, ache remedy is right up your alley. Compression maternity leggings are designed to reduce swelling in the legs and help blood circulate more smoothly through the veins. Additionally, compression maternity leggings are fashionable! These leggings look so great that you may even consider wearing them even after you’ve delivered.

3) Keep Your Weight Gain in Check

Of course, it’s natural to gain weight throughout pregnancy to support your baby, but excessive weight gain can lead to extra aches and pains that are avoidable. Extra, unnecessary weight can also cause breathlessness. Practice good posture and find out what your recommended weight gain limits are for your height and body. Additionally, you can also ward off unwanted, extra fat by switching from foods high in fat and carbohydrates to greens and fruits.

4) Opt for a Swim or Deep Bath

If you have access to a pool, you should take any chance you can to go for a dip. The weightlessness effect produced by the water will take pressure off of the sore spots on your body for at least a little while. Swimming in the pool can also be a form of low intensity exercise if you take the time to move around. If you don’t have a pool to slip into, run a warm bath that’s relatively deep enough to create weightlessness.

5) Go for a Massage

There’s nothing wrong with a little relaxation at someone else’s hands every once in awhile. This is especially true if you are pregnant. The massage will help your body release endorphins (your body’s natural pain killer), and it will truly feel good on the parts of your body that need it. If something hurts, be sure to tell the person administering the massage. This way, you aren’t creating more pain that what you started with.

6) Use a Heating Pad for Back Aches

Lastly, use a heating pad on the small of your back as much as possible. If you don’t have access to a heating pad, you can make one by filling a tube sock with white rice and microwaving it until it’s warm enough to your liking. Lie down or sleep with the heating pad/sock under your back until the pain has subsided or the sock is no longer warm. It can also help even more to sleep with a pillow under the small of your back.