How To Avoid Winter Joint Pain

Come winter and people start experiencing pain in their joints. The condition worsens in case of people who have been plagued by arthritis and other inflammatory joint conditions. While science is yet to unravel the mystery behind joint pain experienced during winter, there are some simple things you could try to prevent and ease the pain experienced during winters. Catch up with us as we outline some of the most effective measures to thwart winter-induced joint pains!

1. Get Your Magnesium Right!

magnesium supplement

Magnesium is essential for your bones and joints, say renowned orthopedics from across the globe. Studies suggest that deficiency in magnesium could lead to chronic joint pain. So make sure that you are getting your magnesium right. Check out for supplements to meet the requirement. Or a daily Epsom salt soak would also do the job.

2. Lubricate Generously!

sesame oil

You can use any oil to massage the joints, but a blend of sesame oil and castor oil would be the best idea. Warm 2 tbsp of sesame oil with 2 tsp castor oil. Apply on the joints and massage gently until the area warms up. This promotes circulation in the area, thereby easing and thwarting joint pain.

3. Exercise Regularly!

hot yoga

Choose to include moderate exercises like walking and yoga. These exercise would help in improving the circulation to the region. Plus yoga poses such as Trikonasana and Veerbhadrasana help in strengthening the joints and muscles surrounding the joints. Walking also helps in stretching and burning away the fat, thereby offering relief from joint ache.

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4. Check Your Vitamin D!

Sunny Morning

Vitamin D is yet another crucial element that helps in maintaining the joint health. You could try to catch up some sun. Alternatively, you could visit your physician and get your prescription of vitamin D3.

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5. Calcium Is Essential!


Milk and other dairy products are good sources of natural calcium. You could also opt for calcium supplements, but there are other dairy-free sources like bananas, white beans, black-eyed peas, and oranges that offer you necessary calcium. Calcium deficiency is one of the most common reasons for joint aches and pains.

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6. Take Warm Water Bath!

Steam Bath

Men Taking Steam Bath

Warm water has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. You could either opt for a warm shower or apply warm towel on the joints to ease and ward off inflammation and pain experienced in the joints. Never apply extremely hot towels or packs on the area as it could cause blisters.

7. Avoid Sour And Fermented Foods!

buttermilk for Brown Spots on the face

Sour and fermented foods, according to Ayurveda, could cause joint aches and pains. So try to avoid fermented foods such as buttermilk and idlis during winter. You could also choose to omit tamarind and tomatoes during winters.

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8. Say No To Sugar And Salt!

No To Excessive sugar

Water retention is also known to cause intense inflammation. Cutting down on the consumption of salt could help in easing and eliminating water retention, thereby offering relief. Avoiding sugar and processed foods are also known to be beneficial in preventing winter pain during winter.

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9. Dress Warm!


This is one of the best and most effective ways to keep your joint pain under control. Layer up nicely. Keep your feet always encased in a pair of good cotton or wool socks. This would prevent inflammatory conditions. Keeping the core warm is also essential to prevent the aches and pains. Scarves, gloves, sweaters, and other such winter exclusives should be used generously.

Last, but not the least visit a doctor if you have a pre-existing joint condition. This would give you sufficient time to prepare yourself to ward off the discomfort!