How To Fight Depression With Meditation

No matter how rich a person is or where he stays, evading feelings of negativity and depression is near impossible. Even the wealthiest person you know or the most successful colleague at workplace can be subjected to depression. You may become depressed for several reasons, both personal and professional. While some people can fight off such low feelings and phases of depression on their own, for some others it becomes a persistent problem. Chronic depression may affect your relationships and professional performance. In several cases, affected men and women resort to drugs and substance abuse, which eventually leads them down to the vortex of ruin.

Ways To Cope With Depression

Seeking professional expertise and help to fight depression becomes an option when you have become a patient of chronic depression. Professional counsellors and psychologists aid victims of chronic and severe depression through various proven therapies for returning to normal life. However, you can also fight back depression on your own with persistence and efforts. You can resort to meditation techniques to get rid of depression. It works better than taking pills.

Pranic Healing Meditation

Recent Studies Indicating Benefits Of Medication To Treat Depression

A number of studies conducted in the past and recent times have indicated benefits of meditation techniques to combat grasp of depression. A study, which was published recently in the Journal of the American Medical Association reveals meditation can indeed be helpful for victims of depression. The research team compiled as many as 47 studies to establish their standpoint. Johns Hopkins University’s Madhav Goyal, an assistant professor, led the study. The study also found meditation works better than some anti depressant pills and has no adverse effects.

How To Combat Depression With Meditation techniques

You need to know how and when to start meditation to treat depression. The human mind is not exactly like a device that can be switched on and off instantly. Factors like place, timing play a pivotal role in success of meditation on an individual.

Finding An Apt Place

Choosing a suitable place is a key to success in meditation. You may meditate in your study or bedroom but make sure nobody disturbs you at that time. If you find that difficult, it may be a good idea to find a place where you will not be disturbed easily. The attic or backyard of the house can be ideal for this.

Eradicating Noise And Sources of Distraction

Victims of depression find it hard to concentrate, as it is. So, when you meditate, try to keep all sources of distractions away from you. Examples include cell phones, land phones and pets. If you find silence discomforting, try soft and soothing music when you meditate.

The Right Frame of Mind

A victim of depression may not necessarily be down all of the time. It is better that you start meditation at a time when you are in a relatively good mood. Trying to meditate when you are deeply disturbed can be quite harrowing.

Relaxed Mind And Body

When you practice meditation, the mind and body should be as relaxed as possible. You may use soft mats, cushions and loose garments. It is not mandatory to sit on the floor. You can also use a chair when you meditate.

Evading The Tendency To Rush

When you are depressed, you may find it hard to focus on something. You may feel like completing the meditation session soon. However, remember that rushing will defeat the purpose of meditation. Do not keep any work pending when you meditate lest the mind gets distracted! Initially you may meditate for 20 minutes or so. Gradually, increase the time for benefits.

Picking The Right Type of Medication

There are a few prevalent meditation techniques. You should pick one that suits your situation, surroundings and mindset better.
Concentrative Meditation-It requires you to focus or concentrate on a single experience. It can be a sound or mantra. It is ideal for the beginners in meditation.

Guided Mediation- In this method, you may use natural objects and manifestations to act as the guide to meditation. Examples include lakes, forests and mountains.

Mantra Meditation- A calming and profound word, sound or phrase is used to meditate in this method. A lot of practitioners use the ‘Om’ chant or other prayers.

Mindfulness Mediation- This is a nuanced form of meditation that should be tried by people experienced in meditation. It involves expanding the consciousness and you need not think about a specific thing, but focus on meditative experience. It requires plenty of practice and patience.

Depression can hamper your day to day living and render you incapable of leading a normal life. While some may suggest that you intake prescription drugs, the best way to combat depression is to keep your body and mind relaxed. Meditation and yoga will not just rejuvenate your senses but will also make you feel calm and composed!