How To Get Rid of a Slow Metabolism

Slow metabolism can be identified by a number of symptoms. For one thing, if you feel fatigue, low blood pressure and dry skin, you are most likely to be subjected to slow metabolism problem. You have to take steps in order to revive your rate of metabolism. The first thing that you are required to do on order to get rid of slow metabolism is to eat more. Dieting is one of the major causes behind slow metabolism. If you eat less, the rate will decrease automatically. Therefore, you are suggested to increase the regular intake of your food.

It is important for you to take at least three healthy meals per day. If you are interested in increasing the rate of metabolism, you have to add two extra snack meals, every day. However, make sure that you do not go overboard. Do not stuff your body with excessive food. The goal is to increase the rate of metabolism, not increasing weight. Your average meal must be containing 400 calories. If you make a habit of eating small meals every three to four hours, you will surely benefit a lot. Eat protein rich food. Increase you daily activity. Add exercise to your daily routine. Exercise is the best and the fastest way of increasing the rate of metabolism. Select intense workouts that are shorter and more effective.


Breakfast plays a very important role in this regard. You are suggested to eat breakfast every morning if you are serious about increasing your metabolism. When you eat in the morning, it awakens the process of metabolism. A wheat bread and an egg will make a perfect breakfast for you. This will no doubt give your day, the start it needs. Eating breakfast in the morning will keep you stuffed and you will not feel hungry during the day. For this reason, you are least likely to gain weight. In fact, it can help you lose considerable amount of weight.

Healthy Diet

Taking tea or coffee can also increase the rate of your metabolism. Add fruits, vegetables, wheat bread and pasta to your daily diet. Research has shown that vitamin D can also play a vital role in increasing the rate of metabolism. You can easily get this vitamin from natural sources including eggs, salmon, tofu and shrimp. Lack of calcium might also be a reason behind your slow metabolism. You are suggested to add milk and other calcium rich food items to your diet. Yogurt is an interesting and practical alternative for milk. You can use it in breakfast and other meals. Increasing the usage of these food items will boost the level of calcium in your body. It is one of the most effective solutions for metabolism problems.


Apart from regular exercise routines, vigorous exercises are also very helpful. The rate of metabolism increases drastically with these exercises and remains high even after the workout is finished. Building muscles through extensive exercise will also rev up your metabolism. You are suggested to do weight training twice a week. This will not only build the muscle mass, but will also increase the rate of metabolism.