How To Get Rid of a Sweet Tooth

A lot of sugar in your system can get a bit problematic leading to god knows how many different diseases. Getting rid of a sweet tooth can actually benefit your overall health and increase your metabolism. So here are a few steps that can help you stop craving sugar so much.

Raid the Fridge

Find out and itemize all the places you can find sugar from, and categorically clean them out. Whatever you find, cookies or chocolate, put them all together in a jar and remove them from sight. Remember, out of sight, out of mind.

Less Is Better

Go without eating sweet stuff for a few days. Think about something else when your sugar craving hits, and avoid eating it for a while because that would enhance your mental strength against them.


Do not give in to your cravings. Rather, wait for the craving to hit, and then do something else to avoid eating it. Do not indulge yourself, because waiting for at least ten minutes will assure, this is exactly what you want to have, and it is not just a craving your mind is calling for.

Change Your Diet

If you are a sugar-lover then you would be missing out on important body nutrients regularly. Do not let that happen to you. Eat regular meals, and do not try to snack in between just to give in to your hunger.

Eat more protein because a lot of time it is protein your body craves and not sugar.

If you are absolutely desperate to have sugar, then eat healthy stuff like honey, and avoid that candy bar.

Don’t just watch what you eat, watch when you eat. Put yourself in a mental clock, and before and after that do not eat those ice creams, because that would be bad for you.

Do not take artificial sweeteners. Most of them contain aspartame, and that is not exactly nice for your body.

Stay away from coffee and other drinks that include caffeine in it. Rather, drink juices and water, and limit the cups of coffee you have each day.

Read the labels of the food you eat, and make sure you know what goes inside your system. Do not be fooled by healthy. Read the label and find out how healthy they are.

Relax And Sleep Well

Sleep is one of the best ways to get rid of sugar cravings. A healthy amount of snooze would put the sugar cravings back up and let your spirits float. A good night’s rest can do wonders for your body too.

Consult A Dietitian

If you have given up, then do not despair. Go ahead and consult a dietician who can show you the ay. Be smart and snack according to what your dietician says, and if possible, get recipes to help you get started.

Indulge Yourself!

Once you have put yourself in the bandwagon there is no stopping the health streak. But ease up and relax once in a while. And let go of your inhibitions, and indulge in a few tastes of sugar which is good for you in limited quantities.