How To Get Rid of Big Appetite

A lot of people want to lose weight but in order to lose that weight they are going to need to do two things.  The first is to get on a reasonable exercise program.  That does not mean you need to complete a triathlon every other day but nobody ever lost weight sitting on a sofa all day. The second thing they need to do is to get their eating under control.  You don’t need a fad diet to do this but you do need to get control of you appetite.

Most people that need to lose weight love food.  Over time that love has made their appetite grow and grow.  A smaller group of people that need that weight loss are form athletes.  They got used to consuming large amounts of food because their body need it.  Now that they are not as active it has gone to their waist.  To take control of your eating is pretty simple but is not something that will happen over a weekend.  This is what you need to do.

More Water

This is pretty simple.  When you start to feel cravings between meals, have some water.  It can help keep you from snacking as much and is calorie-free.  Have a glass right before meals as well.  It will help fill you stomach and leave you less room for food just don’t go overboard, you still need food to survive.

Take It Slow

If you are consuming twice as many calories a day as you need to don’t start by cutting that in half.  You will go away hungry and much less likely to follow your plan.  Also, that big of a drop that fast triggers the body to slow down your metabolism.  The body thinks it is starving.  Taking small steps each week will help you and your body adjust to new eating habits.

More Meals Means Less Food

The person who set up the three meals a day habit didn’t know anything about nutrition.  Having 5 or 6 meals is much better for you.  It keeps you from wanting to snack.  It keeps you from overeating on you 3 meals.  Finally, nutrients get absorbed better because there is not a long line  of food behind it waiting to be processed.

Kill The Junk

The only way you can eat potato chips at home is if you have them in your home.  Try to keep healthy snacks at home.  Keep some at the office and in the car too.  Those places are where you are most likely to fall of your diet and head back to your old friend, fast food.

Change Your Flavors

Adding spicy,salty or even sour flavor go a long way in keeping you away from flavors that do you no good.  Fatty flavors or creamy one are no good and it should be no secret the sweets are not your friend.  Try the other ones and you will see a difference.

Don’t Mope

After a meal don’t just sit there and wish for more food, you should go do something.  Even a short nap is better than more food.

Colors And Scents

Surprisingly, these two items can help control your appetite.  Did you know cool shades of blue can help reduce hunger as does purple?  Break out the paint!  Everyone knows what smells can do.  Your mouth waters at the smell of steak on the grill.  If you are wearing a little bit of perfume, however, it can cut that down and reduce your appetite.