How To Get Rid of Bloated Stomach

Having the condition referred to as bloated stomach is uncomfortable to say the least, and at times it is down right painful. When you feel as if your stomach is so full that you cannot possibly put anything else in it, and this feeling lasts for hours after you have eaten your last meal, then you have a bloated stomach.

What Causes Bloated Stomach?

Basically gas is the cause of the uncomfortable condition you are experiencing. While the gas build up can cause pains, sometimes described as sharp pains, and sometimes described as dull ones, there is no actual visual signs that can alert you to bloated stomach. If you are experiencing any symptoms of gas that are accompanied by swelling in your abdomen, fever, or other symptoms you are advised to seek medical treatment as your condition indicates something more than bloating caused by gas.

What Causes Gas Build Up?
Gas can form in your body for several different reasons. Some of the causes of gas are:

Swallowing air while you are eating or while you are speaking

Using a drinking straw can cause you to gulp more air in and thus cause more gas build up

  • Some foods that you eat cause gas
  • Being lactose intolerant will cause extra gas when you consume dairy products
  • Some medications that you take will cause gas
  • Smoking cigarettes, pipes, and cigars

All of these things can cause you to have gas, and you do have gas every day. The problem arises when you take in more air than your body can expel in a timely manner. When this occurs you become bloated, and the condition will persist until the gas is expelled from the body either by belching, or through flatulence. There is just no other way to get rid of the condition, you must get rid of the excess gas in your body.

How to Prevent Gas Build Up
Even though it is normal to have gas, and you cannot stop your body from having this condition, you can prevent the excessive amounts of gas that cause bloated stomach. Try some of the following tips to prevent the recurrence of an excessive amount of gas.

  1. Eat slowly and chew your food thoroughly. When you do not adequately chew your food you are forced to gulp to swallow it. Chewing more thoroughly stops this problem.
  2. Do not talk with food in your mouth. When you are talking you naturally swallow air, so chew and swallow before you speak.
  3. High fiber foods are necessary for the body’s digestive tract, but an over consumption of these foods will cause an excessive amount of gas. Do not stop eating the high fiber foods just monitor your intake.
  4. Overeating will cause the problem of bloating, so eat six small meals a day rather than three large ones, this will cut down on the problem, and will help you lose weight and control your blood sugars.
  5. Exercise promotes healthy functions of all of your body including your digestive tract
  6. Stop smoking. You are not only taking in air but you are inhaling poisonous gases into your body.