How To Get Rid of Butt Stretch Marks

There is one sight that no woman wants to see when she is getting ready for a vacation at the beach. She stands in front of the menus and there they are. They are butt stretch marks.

You might have lost 30 pounds and spent months at the gym getting back that body you had as a high school cheerleader but it won’t do any good, the will still be there. Why is that? When you gained your weight you damaged your dermis. That sits below the surface of the skin and does not heal the same way. You are going to need to find to hind those stretch marks.

Butt Stretch Marks

Science has been all over this problem and come up and come up with a few solutions that can help. You did not get those marks overnight, however, so don’t expect them to disappear overnight either.

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Give the labs a chance and they can come up with a product that can help anything, including stretch marks on your butt.

  • Alpha Hydoxy Acid. This acid function in a way similar to an exfoliate. This has the effect of lightening the skin. The lighter skin shows the stretch marks less noticeable
  • Salicylic Acid. This not only works as an exfoliate but also interact with the proteins in the skin to help remove stretch marks
  • Retinoids. These encourage new skin growth. Because of that the more you use it the better it works.

Like anything topical, it is best to test it first to make sure it is not an irritant.


You have been exfoliating your face for years now it time to use the same products on your behind. It works there for the same reason. It will not take the marks away, however, but will make them harder to see. Once or twice a week of this should be enough.

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Lotion And Such

Once again, if it works on your face it will work on your behind. Putting it on at night rather than the day is a good idea because you move around less at night. Some of these things you should be looking for include Vitamins A and E

You can try to make your own if you would like. Cocoa butter, caster oil, and rose hip oil make good bases.

Get To Your Weight

Find the weight you want and stay there. Gaining and loosing weight is what causes the stretch marks. Once you get to that weight exercise to firm your buttocks.

Eat Well

Your body needs nutrients to stay healthy so eat accordingly. Make sure you are getting plenty of Vitamins A, E, and C to help produce skin. Plenty of water helps as well, it can keep you skin elastic.


There are surgical solutions that sometimes can help. However, like any cosmetic surgery, the results will vary and you might not get the look you want.

Before you head off to the beach make sure you treat those stretch marks. Look as good as you can for your new tan.