How To Get Rid of Colds with Home Remedies

Just about everyone has experienced a cold sometime in their life. Usually it is not life-threatening but it can be contagious.

Sometimes colds may worsen and turn into an upper respiratory infection such s bronchitis if not attended to. However, sometimes a cold is just a cold and it will pass.

Still, there are ways to shorten the amount of time that a cold persists. That way, you can prevent spread of the cold virus to your family members, co-workers, or other loved ones.

Causes and Symptoms Overview

Symptoms of the common cold originate from one or more of over 200 viruses. This is the reason why the symptoms of colds are so vastly different from person to person.

For instance, one person might have a sore or scratching throat and stuffy or runny nose. On the other hand, another person might have congestion and persistent cough.

Additional cold symptoms include the following: Watery eyes, fatigue, mild fever, or body aches. Since symptoms are so different the treatments used may be very different.

Home Solutions

One way to get rid of a cold is to apply a home remedy. Certain over-the-counter medications can really help and these have a variety of pharmaceutical ingredients in them. There are both liquid and solid remedies available.

Home remedies are available as well and these are the types that often have common herbs and household ingredients in them. Some solutions have, for instance, some type of soothing mint or eucalyptus in them, as well as lemon or honey.

The natural remedies you use with the natural ingredients in them are usually absorbed faster into the skin. These are usually less toxic than certain home remedies made with chemical and lab ingredients.

These home remedies might work. However, in some cases they may not be potent enough. Instead, you might need to try a prescription drug either in a liquid or solid form.

However, usually a minor cold and mild fever can be treated at home. Usually prescription medications are only needed for treating bronchitis or chronic cough. Certain kinds of medications are only needed for getting rid of a severe sore throat.

Additional Care Tips

Chicken soup has long been a home remedy to help sooth throat, fever, and cold symptoms. One reason why it is used is because it keeps the body warm and it also helps produce sweat to detoxify the body.

It also sooths the throat and causes mucus caught in the throat to be loosened. This all is necessary to help remove the viruses that caused the sickness in the first place.

Garlic is also great for the immune system. A generous amount of it in a soup is very helpful. Two very helpful reasons to use garlic is that it helps cleanse and detoxify the body.

A healthy, potent supply of garlic can also open up respiratory passages. Three or four cloves of it in a cup of water are ideal. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), warm baths, humidifiers, and increased fluid intake also can help.