How To Get Rid of Dysentery

Dysentery is a problem that often occurs as a result of poor sanitation and neglect of hygiene. It is best to learn how to get rid of dysentery (or to prevent it from happening) by using this short guide.

Of course, the information given below does not replace expert doctor’s advice. Still, this info should get you started as you correct actions that can prevent and treat this situation.

The subject of dysentery is a complex one involving possible area-wide infection but for now you will be shown ways to get rid of it by using self-care and medical treatment tips:

  • Keep yourself hydrated. Always drink plenty of fluids, as one main dysentery cause is failure to drink enough liquids. Water is especially necessary as long as it is not contaminated with the very substances that lead to infections. You should also drink liquids such as Pedialyte or Vitamin Water because these have electrolytes in them that can replenish and re-hydrate your system.
  • Change your diet. This is one way in addition to drinking more water or electrolytes that can prevent dehydration. Increase the numbers of fruits and vegetables that you would drink and decrease the numbers of dairy, meat, and fats you would consume. Also realize that foods lower in salt will help you prevent from retaining water. The same is true when you reduce intake of spicy foods.
  • Practice germ prevention. For instance, to avoid spread of germs never use anyone’s towels, wear anyone’s underclothes, and sanitize your hands. You should also regularly wipe off all kitchen and living room counter surfaces as well as bathroom fixtures. You might also want to clean your telephone and/or home door knobs frequently.

Additional Advice

If you are visiting a foreign country make sure you do not drink the water if you do not know the condition of it. There is some emergency tablets you can take if you do consume water in some international locations by accident, but you should really avoid doing so if you are not a local.

Furthermore, you should always cook your food thoroughly. Never leave cooked or uncooked food out and always wash your hands every time you use the toilet.

Babies and young children are especially susceptible to infections because their immune systems are still developing. Therefore, make sure you keep your home as clean as possible while still finding ways to preserve probiotic actions for which “good” bacteria is responsible.


You should see a doctor for proper treatment of dysentery, and not just take the advice in this article. Otherwise, you could contaminate others and you could even be the origin of a region-wide epidemic. You are advised to listen to all the instructions that a qualified medical professional gives you in order to ensure your safety and the safety of others.

Furthermore, any medical treatments administered to dysentery patients should be under the direction of a licensed medical professional. This is for your own good or you could put your own health or other person’s health at risk.